WRC3 Vita first look hands-on - VVV

VVV: "However, unlike Criterion who have heavily publicised their ambitious Vita version of Need for Speed Most Wanted, Milestone have been surprisingly secretive about their closely-guarded Vita version.

It’s surprising, because we’re happy to report that WRC3 on Vita holds up very well indeed against its console counterparts – it’s a true technical feat that can safely proclaim itself as the Vita’s first proper driving game."

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HarryMasonHerpderp2089d ago

Yeah it looks really good.
I want to get this, Ragnarok Odyssey, Assasins Creed Liberation and Persona 4.
Then there are all of the console games I want to get.
Going to be an expensive year!

TENTONGUN2089d ago

yeah it looks good. not sure bout getting it cause i play my rally games with a wheel and not a controller. tempting though

kB02089d ago

can u change category to say PS vita? it says pc:P

Hicken2088d ago

I guess it's there because it'll be on all platforms. PS3 and 360 are there, too.

CaptCalvin2089d ago

idk. This doesn't look much better than Collin Mcrae 2005 on the PSP. Graphics are slightly better, but much less content. Shame.