X-COM: Enemy Unknown Review - The Digital Fix

A tear was shed today for those who have fallen. Those that despite their courage, strength and valor were taken from us by this new menace. It hurts, but my friends we must stand tall, together we can rise up and face this threat, look them straight in their alien eyes and shout that we can win this battle.

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Pintheshadows2091d ago (Edited 2091d ago )

I just got very very angry at this game.

It feels like it punished me for doing well. Playing Classic/Ironman, got to the base with just 8 deaths and one country down and BOOM! My whole squad of 6 (3lt, 1cpt, 2mjs) gets wiped out.

Balls. Balls. Balls.

Now all I have are squaddies, a lieutenant and a major.

Robotronfiend2091d ago

Sounds about right. I always thought XCOM games should come with vouchers for new controllers. I'm a little afraid of Impossible difficulty.

sonicsidewinder2090d ago

>Playing Xcom
>With a Controller.

*throws up a lil'*


Robotronfiend2090d ago

@sonicsidewinder The old ones, yes - definitely vomit worthy. But this new incarnation really feels natural with a controller. Not sure i'd want to go back to kb/m after this.