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The open world of Fairhaven is a fertile ground for the Criterion racing concepts of accessibility, freedom, and motor mayhem. Freedom and structure delicately intersect in a loose career mode based around beating a list of 10 Most Wanted cars. Unlike most games out there, these races unfurl in a subtle way. Jump in a car and do whatever you want, and the game tracks it and suggests objectives via Autolog (including the feats of your online friends). You’re always free to hop to the next ride.

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Godchild10202034d ago

Watching the test Chamber gives more info about the game, than the review does.

There are 123 cars in the game. It seems like there will be cops and robbers DLC coming out for this game, hopefully. They did it with Hot Pursuit.

Jio2033d ago

123 cars? Now I really want to get this game, racing all these cars on the go with the Vita will be awesome!

FordGTGuy2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I have no idea where you are getting your information but the official car list has only 46 cars from 32 manufacturers.

Jio2033d ago

Still, 46 cars is by no means a small number. That, and you always have to find the cars meaning there will always be some secret cars to locate.

Godchild10202033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Starting at the 3:15 mark in the video, the guy in the Video states that there are over 100 cars and then he opens the map and you can see that he found 42 cars out of 123 (Stated at 4:24).

Also in the review itself, it states that there are over 100 cars; " You can race any of the 100-plus cars you find in the world, but to upgrade each one you have to complete an event that’s tied to a specific car upgrade."

That is where I got my info from, did you even read the review or view the Test Chamber video? Also, the person in the link you post, doesn't provide a link to where he got his info from and he also states "This list is not yet complete."

Note: I was looking at the car list info.

FordGTGuy2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

I'm very skeptical as every video since now and all evidence till now points to a car list of around 45~ vehicles in the game.

I'm wondering why they don't just start revealing the cars daily like Forza does.


The guys says "I think there is 100 cars" and when he shows the map it says 42/123 "Jack Spots" after reading up it seems these jack spots are where you can pick up cars throughout the map. Not all of them are going to be home to a unique car from what I've seen.

Godchild10202032d ago

You are right, there aren't 123 cars in the game. There are 42 cars in the game. It states that on the Ea support page and I see where the guy on Neogaf got his info from.

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The_Devil_Hunter2034d ago

This game looks good, not sure whether to pick up or not.

Jio2033d ago

Honestly, this game is amazing. Only downside in my opinion is no car customization.

FordGTGuy2033d ago

Well that and the small car list.

DivineAssault 2034d ago

to the vita it goes... Id rather have it as a handheld & on the go.. Plus its $20 cheaper

TooTall192034d ago

I read the recent ps blog post about the vita version and it looks good.

marioPSUC2033d ago

"Playability:The cars are fast and loose, and the rubber-banding is a necessary evil that helps make races intense"

No developers need to stop using rubberbanding, it's terrible, cheap and it sucks because you can be really skilled in racing game and have a really fast car but it doesn't matter to the AI who just blow past you, and wait up for you near the finish line.

I really hope rubberbanding AI is gone from most racing games because its just terrible.

Godchild10202033d ago

I remember in NFS:U 1 & 2, where you could lap around other racers 2, maybe 3 time depending on how many laps there were in a specific race. Those were the good old days.

DOMination-2033d ago

Criterion games have always hadtis 'feature'. Im also not a fan

TXIDarkAvenger2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Now I wonder, should I get this or Forza Horizon...hmmm

FordGTGuy2033d ago

Horizon has almost three times the amount of cars but it's a more country side, small town environment game with a better physics engine. Most Wanted is going to be more arcade and definitely more over the top kind of thrills.

Best case scenario get both because both are going to be great games but if it comes down to it I personally prefer Horizon.

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