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FanBolt writes: "Orgarhythm is a very interesting and intriguing title. I found myself addicted to its gameplay almost immediately. Obviously with a rhythm-based game you will need to have good music to get into so that you can enjoy that type of experience. Thankfully, the music is catchy and allows you to get into the beat so that you can start tapping commands to the beat of the music."

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mi_titan272092d ago

My complaint is I would like to try the game before spending $30 on it.

Godchild10202092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

They said on the Playstation Blog, that they are looking into getting a demo out for those to try. I'm in the same boat, I want to try the game and I really like Patapon, so I think I would like this too. The reviews have been good as well.