New Release Video Games: October 28th - November 3rd, 2012 - 2nd Busiest Week Of 2012

Because of the Wii U launch happening in November, we can't say that this week is the biggest of the year, but it is definitely in second.

- Trendy Gamers

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shodan742159d ago

Crap. So many games, so little time. Only just managed to clock Borderlands 2 and play Walking Dead Ep 4 - so what the hell do I play next?

I'm thinking AC3, but LEGO LOTR looks awfully tempting...

TrendyGamers2159d ago

And Walking Dead Episode 5 will be out before you know it.

rolandfurious2159d ago

Well, you could wait until ACIII and LEGO LOTR go on sale. It's not like they're rare imported titles, both of these franchises are big enough that it wouldn't take long.

Though if you're just trying to pick between two, why not flip a coin? Heads, Assassin's Creed. Tails, LEGO Lord of the Rings.

MostJadedGamer2159d ago

AC3 is the only game worth playing.

Myst2159d ago

Ragnarok Odyssey finally! Not sure why I'm happy for another game when I still haven't finished a whole bunch of other games. Then I had to go and borrow some games from friends...

TrendyGamers2159d ago

Ragnarok Odyssey does look like a lot of fun but I won't have time to check it out unfortunately.

Myst2159d ago

Damn that's a shame :( well if need be I can at least PM you about several things from the game. Though I'm not sure if that will help or hinder at that point :p

TrendyGamers2159d ago

Don't worry about it, I'm sure I'll have time at some point in the future.

BringingTheThunder2159d ago

this is the first of many weeks where i will be spending a lot of money

Relientk772159d ago

Assassin's Creed III come to me :-)

shammgod2159d ago

AC 3, AC liberation along with the white vita and Ragnarok Odyssey. I have been paying this off for a while and can't wait!!!

KangarooSam2159d ago

All of that, but don't forget Most Wanted for Vita. Graphics look so gooood

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