Crysis 2 lands on PlayStation Plus in November for EU

Hi everyone! We here at Sony Computer Entertainment are very excited to announce that the headline title for the PlayStation Plus service from 7th November is… Crysis 2!

Originally released in March 2011, the second installment in the multi award-winning Crysis series is a visually stunning, high-concept FPS with a gripping storyline written by sci-fi veteran Richard Morgan.

Set in the year 2023, three years after the events of Crysis, you’ll find yourself in control of a Force Recon Marine named “Alcatraz”, who gains ownership of the Nanosuit 2.0 from Army Delta Force officer Laurence “Prophet” Barnes, who many of you will remember from Crysis

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Godchild10202153d ago

As of right now, It seems Europe is getting the better deal with Plus compared to the United States.

I can't wait for Plus to come to the Vita. It will make owning a Vita that much more worth wild.

Blastoise2153d ago

I'd take King of fighters XIII over Crysis 2 anyday.

I'll still be downloading it though :)

HarryMasonHerpderp2153d ago

I think you're in the minority there Blastoise XD

SAE2153d ago

I wish i get mirror edge or crysis 1 , they are much better and older ...

wastedcells2153d ago

Ya I agree Europe is greeting some great games and I can't wait for vita love too.

execution172153d ago

:o maybe i'll redownload it and people will actually be online this time around

DavidMacDougall2153d ago

I was thinking that, the online will get some players lol

blackmamba7072153d ago

PS+ stepped up their game offering great games instead of minis and PSOne classics, good deals get noticed easily and people will definitely consider subbing

Old McGroin2153d ago

Spot on. I left my PS+ sub run it's course before this new approach because I was pretty disappointed 90% of the time with what was being offered. The offering now is superb, fair play to Sony.

Master of Unlocking2153d ago

Great game. I have the nano edition and, damn, it goes for a pretty sum of money now.

Anyway, cool to see we're maybe gonna have more players on the online portion now. But play the story guys, the suit with the voice is really badass, so are the weapons, the levels have replay value, the game's score is made by Hans Zimmer (no need to introduce him, right?), and this game sports one of the most amazing 3D Engine ever seen this gen!

Drakesfortune2153d ago

if anyone doesn't know who Hans Zimmer is needs shooting!

Ps looking forward to downloading crisis! awesome game

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The story is too old to be commented.