Rocksmith Review (Strategy Informer)

From "As someone that can play a musical instrument, I'm calling Guitar Hero and Rock Band out. While "non-noodlers" were pretending that they could play the hits of The Killers by slightly thumbing at a plastic bar, we, the musicians of the world, were at home, nursing our sore fingers, and harbouring a grudge".

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darthv722155d ago

real guitar heroes play real guitars.

I myself have just started back into playing bass and I will say that if you play real guitar and then play these games you feel lost.

If you started on the games and then moved to real instruments it somehow compels you to want to learn the real way to play. It is funny though to try and play one of these games after having played a real instrument for a while.

It's like Stan's father on the guitar hero episode of south park.