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Zombies Just Aren’t Scary Anymore

With no end in sight for the seemingly endless procession of games featuring the shambling undead, Jacques Voller argues that virtual zombies need to return to the graves from whence they came – because they stopped being frightening a long time ago. (Culture, DayZ, PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

DanJenkoFMV  +   786d ago
Agree with this, zombies have been far too overused this generation, to the point that it's actually becoming annoying. I was a bit disappointed to hear the first bit of Sleeping Dogs DLC would be a zombie spin-off.
Septic  +   786d ago
Zombies are scary, unless they come from the new Resident evil games- in which case, Steve Carrel doing an impression an earlobe covered in chocolate and stuck in cement is scarier.
caseh  +   786d ago
Zombies have never been scary, like...ever. The older Zombie films were more like comedy flicks as you laughed at fully grown men and women squealing like pigs as they get walked down by a groaning zombie...muuuuuuuurrrrrggggggg gghhh
Lord_Sloth  +   786d ago
Old Resident Evil Zombies weren't scary either. You just walk on past them.
Mounce  +   785d ago
When I was younger, when Resident Evil 2 came out, it had 'scary' moments, that eerie tension of death potentially around the corner and being a kid you just weren't THAT good with games and not as experienced as many would be to this day who played it when younger too.

I'd say Zombies had a time to be scary in which if you were young and still naive, not scary to adults? Well what the fuck would anyone expect? It's a lumbering corpse! Using logic to define why someone isn't afraid of a moving corpse is just stupid in itself. The point of actual fear is the inability to logically define. Aka, more susceptible as a child among other things....Zombies are easy to identify as not only has it been used a lot, but most of us speaking confidently are just older.

Eating chocolate cake as a child, you'd be like HOLY FUCK YEA CHOCOLATE CAKE THIS SHITS AWESOME! Now as an adult we go, Hmm....Chocolate cake huh, wonder if I want to eat that or go for something else... We know how it's made and what it tastes like and don't spazz over it anymore, unless you have ADHD....
morkendo23  +   786d ago
Zombies Just Aren’t Scary Anymore

in my book they NEVER was and never will be, bunch of actors with make-up on.
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Kalowest  +   785d ago
Play L4D2 on hard realism.
Mad_Mack  +   786d ago
Zombies have never been scary.

Well, there is one exception. And it is still as terrifying today as it was all the way back in the early '90s

The Chrysalid zombie from X-COM. Pant-shitting.
attilayavuzer  +   786d ago
Yeah Zombies are usually pretty campy, remember the soundtrack to the original Dawn of the Dead? hahaha It's like half circus music.

Zombies are usually only good for jump scares.
mafiahajeri  +   786d ago
I still jump out of my seat every once in a while in CODS Zombies. When they start to swarm around you they definetly are scary
Norrison  +   785d ago
I can't see a way in which COD zombies can be scary.
Heisenburger  +   785d ago
He literally JUST gave you an example.

Lmao smh
HonestDragon  +   786d ago
I have to agree, too. Zombies don't hold the same horrific presence as they used to. They are used too much in the go to for cannon fodder in action games and DLC.
Psychotica  +   786d ago
Were they ever?
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-MD-  +   786d ago
RE Remake.
shodan74  +   786d ago
Damn right. Arguably the ultimate survival-horror.
ZeroChaos  +   786d ago
They've been overused in games but underused in the situations they have been put in.
DirtyLary  +   786d ago
The big entertainment boom bandwagons of the last decade

1st was Poker when it hit ESPN ( Everyone was a poker player over night )

2nd was MMA mainly UFC when it's reality show hit SPIKE ( everyone was an over night MMA fan and know it all )

3rd is the current Zombie explosion, starting back with L4D and the Dawn of the Dead remake... still going strong. ( it's in every media atm )

... if only George Romero and John A. Russo could have copywrited the whole shoot em in the head zombie genre they created in '68. They'd be billionaires.
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wishingW3L  +   785d ago
lol it's true. XD
ceballos77mx  +   786d ago
They're not scary but I just love those brain eating bastards, specially shooting them.
TrendyGamers  +   786d ago
Same here.
wenaldy  +   786d ago
28 Days Later's zombies are scary, lil bit.
wishingW3L  +   785d ago
those aren't really zombies though. Is just a bunch of people that went insane due to some sort of disease coming from chimpanzees. But the movies are indeed scary and some of my favs.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   786d ago
The zombies fad for me died this generation so many movies and games based around them. I just see zombies as boring. The only thing zombie related I like right now is the walking dead Tv show.
momthemeatloaf  +   786d ago
Zombies were never scary. How can u be scared of something that has little power?

Now Jason Voorhees standing at 6ft 4in coming at you with a machete is a different story.
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GraveLord  +   786d ago
The Walking Dead.
Nuff said.

Wouldn't want to live in that world.
jetpacksheep  +   786d ago
In my opinion Zombies are scarier with a hint of intelligence about them, don't know if that's just me but there is something extremely frightening about a ravaging corpse dead set to eat you with some knowledge of how it is going to achieve it, rather than just *arms out* and "BRAIINNSSS".
stuntman_mike  +   785d ago
Cockneys vs Zombies is an excellent film funny as hell, but yeah the zombies are a bit of a joke.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   785d ago
They should make a Slender game but instead with zombies. Imagine it's the night, you find a house you must barricade the doors. And fight off the undead. But the art direction is like slender and you can only walk no running or jumping.
Ricdog  +   785d ago
Zombies have never truely been scary, but this generation has left no doubt. Zombies are by far the most overused horror monster of the last decade, and this has made them trivial more than horror. There is nothing special about zombies anymore, its all boring now. L4D and Resident Evil used to be great, but now there are so many zombie stuff out there its ridiculous.

And the Walking Dead tv show is NOT scary people, so quit acting like it is. Its an overall good show with decent acting and plot, but not scary. I see that show as a survivor show with monsters in it, but definitely not as a survivor-horror show.

P.S. I hear that they might make a remake of Stephen King's IT. Now that has the potential to be scary.
cr33ping_death  +   785d ago
that would be cool if Tim Curry could reprise the role of Pennywise... is he in shape or has he let himself go lol? havent seen him in anything recently :)when i saw IT as a child the scene with him in the storm drain always scared me.... the look he has when says " They all float " awesome
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3-4-5  +   785d ago
People who are into scary things are generally uncreative people. They stick to the generic basics and never venture out and try something new.

They still think darkness, evil, devil, death, skulls all that stuff they still think is cool.

Grow up a bit.
scotchmouth  +   785d ago
Interesting post i think you should elaborate more. Makes a good talking point
Tornadobounce  +   785d ago
MysticStrummer  +   785d ago
"With no end in sight for the seemingly endless procession of games featuring the shambling undead..."

Most "zombie" games don't feature shambling undead. They feature running/puking/exploding undead, which aren't zombies in the traditional sense. Running zombies are dumb enough without having them projectile vomit or run up and explode. One zombie by itself isn't scary, and neither are the usually small groups you encounter in most games, but anyone who says the idea of being trapped in a place that's surrounded by undead isn't scary is either a liar or an unimaginative idiot. Most zombie movies/games/books suck, just like every other genre, but there are some great ones if you look.
schlanz  +   785d ago
This is why

Resident Evil 6

Got four of ten
vork77  +   785d ago
and as soon as the zombies attack us they will scare us shit less
dafegamer  +   785d ago
the evil dead zombies scared the shit out of me but anyway I think that he last scary zombie movie was Land of the Dead

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