IGN UK: Race Driver: GRID preview, trailer and screens

With the current generation of consoles now really hitting their stride, last year saw a steady influx of triple-A racing titles for petrol-heads to gorge themselves on – from Forza Motorsport's refined take on an established formula, through to the zenith of the Project Gotham series with its fourth installment, and on to the triumphant return of SEGA Rally, there was no shortage of choice for those yearning for automotive thrills. This year, with the imminent release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and the full fat release in the later months, the din of engines has receded to a muted hum. Step forward Codemasters' Race Driver: GRID, which is looking to break the silence and once more get gamers singing the rasped tune of caterwauling engines.

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aggh im on fire3568d ago

Hmmm.... could be good. Quite liked the last Race driver.

Athlon3568d ago

Nice! Are those in game graphics? I'm definitely looking forward to it.

mullet3568d ago

Pre-rendered obviously.

blu3print3568d ago

Nice looking so far, wonder if same interface as DiRT

hotrider123568d ago

if its better than the current need for speed prostreet