Xbox 720 and other next-gens to do everything to bring in social and mobile devs sat down with the Executive Producer and Senior Vice President of KIXEYE to discuss some upcoming changes that may happen in the industry over the next two years. What do you think about the social sector losing some companies?

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spurgeonryan2121d ago

It will be hard. But unlike Nintendo Sony and Microsoft already have strong ...e-shops. So they have a good chance of getting some.

Dark112120d ago


taquito2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

consoles, always a full generation behind pc in a year or two, by the time the next gen machines launch(if they ever even do) pc will have evolved into something more, and "social gaming" will be a thing of the past

something new like social collaboration gaming, or player run mmo content houses, or multiplarer based on reality using your smart phone, will be the new rage, but consoles won't have the tech, power, nor the infastructure in place to utilize these new trends

it happens every console cycle, they go on too long, and become laughably obsolete

3GenGames2120d ago

Every console cycle? Consoles dominated graphics and sound over work-based computers until the 6th generation.

NES/SMS were arcade experiences in your house, the best computers would be C64. C64 had lacking sound. C64 had decent sprite capabilities, though.

SNES/Genny just advanced on the last. More pre-recorded sound samples, more palettes, more sprites, more objects on the screen, more everything. It's great advantage of most computers jumped hardware pretty quick to bit-mapped graphics so there wasn't much time to run game calculations and object movement, the technology was not there for real gaming. Look at the SNES port of Doom. It's great. No LAN, but it still was just as good of a game.

PS1+N64 were unmatched in 2D graphics, had killer sound, and really good 3D was a huge step for them. These also killed what the average computer could do because it was set in stone and a standard. Sprite rotation, BIG 3D worlds, etc. Not even close.

Starting with GC and PS2 is where computers exponentially caught up and maybe even passed consoles at the time.

After that though, yeah, PC tech has been upgrading more each year. But to say when consoles come out they're crap, you're full of it. 360 had top of the line graphics in 2006.

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