Lucky Guy Take AC:Liberation One Week Early

Everyone's waiting for the game Assassin's Creed: Liberation. Lets take a closer look to the game from a lucky guy who has the game 1 week earlier.

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Cam9772123d ago

Amazing, this looks utterly fantastic - the reason I bought a Vita is for games such as this.

DivineAssault 2123d ago

luck SOB.. I want this game so damn bad.. A woman using her feminine wiles to lead men to their demise is just too awesome to ignore.. I honestly dont think the game would be so enticing had they simply made a side story for connor.. This makes it unique & is graphically amazing for a handheld.. The graphics look like Fable 3 on 360 & thats not a bad thing..

josephayal2123d ago

He is from spain, i know that guy