PSP gets touched

This is a concept of what the rumorerd PSP2 could be.

With features such as:
An HD multitouch screen
Mini Bluray
Dual Analog, well... on the screen
And an internal hardrive

This could be the PSP fellow gamers have always wanted.

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GodsHand3685d ago

Awesome concept. I like the transparent buttons on the screen.

Would hate to drop that thing by accident.

gaffyh3685d ago

Very bad concept, firstly it's incomplete the back has no design, no speakers, head phone slot, on/off button, wireless button etc. The mini blu-ray is a good idea as well as the ability to touch the screen for xmb options, the touchscreen dpad is a very bad idea as it is impractical and you'll probably end up breaking the screen when you have to button bash or "touchscreen bash". Also it needs physical analog sticks, and the R/L buttons look ridiculous.

Also it needs to be a lot wider so it doesn't look awkward like it does now.

UnasFortuna3684d ago

I think a touchscreen would be great for xmb functions, etc.. but for gaming... I think it is a waste of time. You need an actual analog stick on it... I don't see how it would work as well with just a touchscreen dpad. But overall, as mentioned... I think it is long overdue for a psp overhaul. It could be so much more and I don't care what they charge for it.

SynGamer3684d ago

Looks horrible. Impractical. Uncomfortable. The list goes on...and that's just from looking at it. So far my favorite concept is:

marinelife93684d ago

If they go ahead and make it into a phone then they may have something.

Mainman3684d ago

PSP doenst need an HD screen. HD capability on a small screen like that is not necesary and won't see much of a difference between a 480p screen.

Having noted this, I hope PSP get a 720p HD screen though.


i hope i can trade my phat and my slim for it . i know you have to make changes but come on i just pick up my slim couple months ago..

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Blackmoses3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

That's actually not a bad design mock-up. Would be very intresting to see what something like this could potentially cost. I like it and all but the transparent buttons and anolog thumb sticks hmmmm.... I'm not so sure how that would function with the entire interface being touch sensitive. You could accidentally bring up the xmb if the action got to tense. LOL!!!!

All in all it's rather pretty...
although probably pretty expensive if it was an actual HD screen an mini Blu-Ray, oh ad let's not forget the harddrive.

BlackIceJoe3685d ago

That looks sexy but after you would touch it then it would look bad because of the finger prints. So if this would ever become the PSP2 I hope that it would come in another color other then black.

poopsack3685d ago

Well I guess an option to lock the XMB could be possible, maybe on the side. thanks for all of the feedback

Mr_Kuwabara3685d ago

IDK, this one is neat and all but I find the other concepts posted on N4G a lot better.