ZombiU screens shows loads of zombies invading Wii U

ZombiU shots have been released by Ubisoft, showing off the nasty denizens of the Wii U launch title, and a few of the game running on the new console. Get your fill below. Game’s out on November 18 in the US and November 30 in the UK alongside the system.

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vikingland12092d ago

I didn't see Loads of zombies in those pics. 3-4 zombies at a time is not loads. Double the amount and that would be loads. Of course you would want some major weaponry then.So 3-4 zombies at a time will be tough with a baseball bat.

jaymart2k2092d ago

This is a true Zombie game.

1 bite your dead

Not having 1,000 of Zombies on screen that do nothing or having Zombies with guns.

Knight_Crawler2092d ago

I sort of agree with you but having 100's of zombies come at you at once is not a bad thing depending on where the game is set...fro example Dead Raising is set in a mega mall which is normally crammed with 1000's of people so it would not fit it to only be attacked by 5 or 10 zombies.

RE in the other hand is usually set in small buildings, vessels and isolated locations so they only have a few zombies.

Ilovetheps42092d ago

There is one screenshot with one zombie biting you and nine zombies around you being bitten. So that is ten zombies right there.

AO1JMM2092d ago

From what I have seen in gameplay videos you do not want more than 2 or 3 zombies or you will most likely dies quick. LOL

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Nevers0ft2092d ago

This game is certainly pretty! The character models might not be anything spectacular but some of the lighting and filtering effects going off are really nice.

"Loads of Zombies" maybe not, but I can see about six in one of those screenshots, which is probably five more than my heart and underwear can cope with.

Is it Nov 30th yet?

cleft52092d ago

I agree, the game looks a lot prettier now. I don't know if these are recent screenshots, but I remember the early stuff not looking as good as this does.

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Schawk2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

Man i cant wait to get this game, ps3 and 360 cannot do these graphics , sorry fanboys move on