Black Ops 2 Matchmaking to Use Ping & Latency, Not Region

Black Ops 2 will have a sure way to join players over the world using Ping and Latency instead of regions.

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DoomeDx1940d ago

So if you have a bad connection, you get thrown in a game with more people having a bad connection, leading to a totally unplayable game! This is a stupid idea treyarch

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CrimsonessCross1940d ago

Stop downloading your porn the same time you play your games!

Ping & Lat are the best way to go for making a strong lobby. Quicker send/receive times are something people can't complain about! :D
And honestly you should have at least a decent minimum bandwidth to play online anyways.

DoomeDx1940d ago

I never said i have a bad connection.
Im speaking for the people with bad connections

rpd1231940d ago

I don't download my porn.

XB1_PS41940d ago

If you have a bad connection, this won't affect you. You're screwed no matter what they do. Making it search by ping is what mostly every pc multiplayer has because it's the best way to go. This is a good idea from treyarch. Definitely not a stupid one.

GraveLord1940d ago

Upgrade your internet connection. simple as that.
Not enough money? Get a better job.

No high speed internet in your area? Stop playing online games. If you can't stop playing, just take what you can get.

Rettom1940d ago

One does not simply "get a better job".

SAE1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

my network is the best in my country , i will say it again ..

-it's unlimited but have limit
-they claim i will get 24mb but i only get less then 1mb and when the limit finish i get less then 10 kb even though they said i will get 200kb...
-it cost me 60$
-it's not for gaming so the best nat type i get is 2...

i also have 5 brothers xD , but i checked the network before anyone use it , it's from the company , i even doubt the limit they put is true..

so i don't have choice T_T , but im used to beat people with red connection :P ...

DoomeDx1940d ago

Where did i say that i have a bad internet connection?

gatormatt801939d ago

You may not have directly said that you have a bad internet connection, but your comment implied that you do.

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Getowned1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I like the idea, I have a good connection :P, but seriously this is a great idea I hope it works. The match making in COD has always sucked, yet it would be really awesome if they could fix the problem where the host leaves and the game ends.

Norrison1940d ago

STFU, in most PC high PING players get kicked, they're annoying, just get a better connection

DoomeDx1940d ago

Nowhere did i say that my internet sucks.. calm down kid

Welshy1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I'm going to have to be that guy aren't i?

You make BILLIONS from this damn franchise, give your fans dedicated servers!

The amount of time and money spent trying to make work-arounds like the nonsense lag compensation from MW3 etc could probably have implemented some of the industries best dedicated servers.

What use is the 60fps you never stop hearing about if all you are getting is ultra-smooth looking lag and terrible hit boxes?

If substantially smaller games like Homefront can do it, i'm pretty sure Activision have the manpower and resources 10-fold.

sevilha821940d ago

Thank you...someone that shares my line of thought...this is something that babells me quite some time...some free4play mp have dedicated servers but not Actvision.apparently is way to expensive for them...greedy bastards

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wishingW3L1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I wish more games did this, specially fighting games.

XboxInnovation1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Treyfart coming through

PotatoClock1940d ago

Is Acti still saying they can't afford dedicated servers?

To think 'bout the amount of money they've made with every single release... And this is the thanks they give to their blindly loyal fanbase, the same crappy matchmaking system but one that has finnaly been made with common sense?

Screw that, seriously.

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