Need For Speed Most Wanted Interview: Under the Hood of the PS Vita Version

Posted by Fred Dutton // SCEE Blog Manager -

Next week sees the keenly anticipated release of Need for Speed Most Wanted, the latest release from Criterion Games – the legendary UK racing specialist behind the Burnout series and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, the phenomenal 2010 entry in EA’s long-running street racing franchise.

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Godchild10202120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

I'm happy they made the game in house and not give off to an external company.

Snookies122120d ago

Yeah for some reason when it's pawned off to another company I feel like it just wasn't important enough for them to do themselves you know? Always worries me about the quality.

RubyToTheMax2120d ago

Nihilistic is the new N word among the gaming community.

Cam9772120d ago

Duplicate article. I tried posting this earlier but it got dismissed - what!

Ddouble2120d ago

I will be getting both versions especially since it's in house.

fei-hung2120d ago

I would have bought it had it had crossbuy. I'm looking for a new arcade racer as well and love Criterion, but not blind love where I will buy the same game twice at full cost.

Also, I didn't dig the open world in Burnout. Want to concentrate on the track and drifts not the map to make sure I'm going the right way.

wastedcells2120d ago

This will be great on vita and hopefully show developer how to make games for vita and what is possible. Just hope it sells or have the reverse effect.

YoungPlex2120d ago

I actually want a Vita because of this game! Criterion has been my favorite developer since the Burnout series and I would love to support them for doing such a magnificent job on the Vita. Developers could learn a thing or two from Criterion, take notes, this is how it's done!

DivineAssault 2120d ago

Theres plenty more like this & incoming.. Isnt it amazing how much was fit into this handheld game? I cant imagine another portable that delivers this way..

2 analogs, dpad, face buttons, triggers, front & rear multitouch panels on a beautiful widescreen oled.. Why bother with the console version when this is on the go & $20 cheaper?

YoungPlex2120d ago

"Why bother with the console version when this is on the go & $20 cheaper?"

You've got to be joking!?!? I'd get the console version as my PRIMARY version and the handheld as my secondary, just like MH3 Ultimate Wii U will be my primary game and MH3 Ultimate 3DS my secondary!

I'm a huge Criterion fan and loved the Burnout series and that's the ONLY reason I want a Vita at the moment, but my money's going to the Wii U first handheld second! It's Just an overall smarter and logical decision, console over a handheld ANY DAY...

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