Halo 4: New Promethean Enemy Spotted

GR - "A new freeze-frame still of a Halo 4 reveals what appears to be a new Promethean enemy in the game's single player campaign. Although speculation of its purpose is abound, we've been informed that the device is a Promethean anti-air gun that the Master Chief will have to destroy at some point during the game's single-player campaign. Cool."

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marcmjm2158d ago

This must be the "Shutdown" mission.

Knight_Crawler2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

After playing and completeing Halo 4 I can hOnestly say that its a GOTY contender and 343i can have access to my bank account anytime the want.

I will not spoil it for anyone but the opening will blow you away and make you want to a Halo movie even more and the ending will make you love Master Chief even more.

Master Chief has sacrifiesed so much for humanity that he does not know that a human and a soldier are one of the same :(..if Jesus had a sidekick Master would be standing next to him.

mo2412158d ago

well thank you kind sir for making the hype in me even more exploding

GearSkiN2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

yup after seing the intro i was blown away and glad 343 took that risk to switch things up. for me being a halo fan i loved the new idea. story tellin is something im into. halo doesnt disappoint.

JKelloggs2158d ago

I totally agree, 343 blew me away with this game, completed it twice now, never done that on a Halo game

MerkinMax2158d ago

Enemy? No. Weapon? Yes.