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Gamer Euphoria staff member Sean C writes:

''“We will be watching you,” The council warns as you shut down your monthly report and move on with your day, words echoing in your ears as a stark reminder that everything around you is falling to bits.Your squad lay battered and broken and you’re forced into using the Rookies who’re just off the plane for an upcoming mission; countries are threatening to pull their funding and the alien menace is relentless.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown throws a lot at you in a very short amount of time, but in a lot of ways is the most accessible and playable of the franchise to date. Firaxis have built up a lot of expectations over the years with the consistent success of their games (Civilization 5 being the most recent) and now have taken those herculean expectations and transferred them on to a global scale with a singular goal: Saving the human race.''

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