Will You Be Buying A Wii U?

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''The Wii U has generated discussion since it was revealed. The concepts behind the system and the subsequent games have all been the target of questioning and debate. With the price tag now officially revealed we asked ourselves if we would be picking up Nintendo’s newest system. Does the price point scare away fresh investment so late in this generation? Do ports of games appeal? Everyone had their own reasons for their answers.

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Neonridr2153d ago

I am a gamer, and I love to experience all that is available. I have a 360, a Wii and a fairly decent PC gaming rig. I will be purchasing the Wii U and then one of the future systems (either the 720 or PS4 - depending on which interests me more). I am looking forward to all the 1st party Nintendo IPs in HD along with some new and innovative games that take advantage of the unique controller. ZombiU is going to be the first game I boot up in the machine in just over 3 weeks.

guitarded772153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Got mine pre-ordered and paid for... just counting down the days. Super Morio U, Zombie U, Nintendo Land, wand, navi and a pro-controller coming with it.

darthv722153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )


@ need to be careful at how you use the phrase "gamer". Pretty much everyone is a gamer that plays games but some take offense more than others if you single them out from the rest of the crowd. such as your list of platforms you have. Notice there was no PS model referenced.

some of the more dedicated PS gamers would likely disagree with your comment on that premise alone. And yet you werent making any disparaging remarks for or against.

i too am a gamer and a collector as well. I find that there is just so much to enjoy when it comes to games to limit myself to this or that. I try to play the field as evenly as possible but even someone in a neutral mindset will still get disagrees.

I live life like this. I am married to one woman but Im a whore when it comes to games. i just cant commit myself to one platform like i do my woman.

NukaCola2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Yes, but not until next Christmas when the big time exclusive come out. I think it's rushed out to get a head start and my purchases for games outweigh what the Wii U has to offer now. ACIII, AC3Lib, God of War, Beyond, Bioshock, Last of Us, PSASBR, Ni No Kuni, Halo 4...etc.

So I can wait a little longer, but I will get it. I mean, this is the time I finally get my Nintty games in HD and I am pretty stoked for that.

Neonridr2153d ago

surprise surprise, I'd ask you to elaborate, but I see you are out of bubbles already..

attilayavuzer2153d ago

It's a simple yes or no question, no need to elaborate

Megaplaynate2153d ago

I won't, but I also won't be buying the other 2 at launch.
If I were to express an opinion, you'd be allowed to disagree with me, but just disagreeing with someone because they are stating they won't be buying the WiiU is uncalled for.

ConstipatedGorilla2153d ago

We will disagree with whom we please and you will like it.

live2play2153d ago

people dont always give a disagree because they DISAGREE

people use the disagree button with things they didnt like,
or got bothered by

the way you say its ''uncalled for'' makes it seem like they punched him in the face or something

corrus2153d ago

I am with you i'll wait for the real next generation to come out

victoryscreeeeeech2152d ago

Excuse me ma'am I believe u have dropped your thun thun thun.

stragomccloud2150d ago

Are you still on about these articles?!
Or, are you another troll that's secretly so in love with Nintendo that you always have to appear on these comments sections so you can bash, and then hear comments to the contrary just so you can hear the sweet pro-Nintendo praise you're fishing for?

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sal772153d ago

yes getting new super mario u, nba 2k13 and zombie u

jghvhv2153d ago

Yep,I got it pre-ordered.

LOGICWINS2153d ago

I'm sure I'll be buying one in the future. Not now though. I'm done buying consoles at launch. Why buy a console at launch when it's at it's most expensive price, it has it's SMALLEST library of games, and when the games that TRULY take advantage of the console's strengths aren't even out yet?

I prefer to buy things when they are cheaper and better.

darthv722153d ago

The only pro to being a day one buyer is the bragging rights. i mean seriously, the system that someone gets 5 mo or more down the line is essentially the same system someone paid through the nose to get at launch.

By that example i am referring to those who buy and then sell for profit. I believe in making $$ but looking back at the PS2, Wii, 360 ps3 and the amount of profiteering going on was CRAZY.

I would get mine and think about doing the same thing but then..nahhh. i want to play it and enjoy it. I cant really blame them though. At first i would think those who did that arent real gamers but then it didnt really matter. Whatever they do is up to them and I shouldnt care one way or the other.

Its not upsetting being late to the party. i was late to the ps2 and ps3 but still went back to get some of the defining games of their respected launches.

I find it funny how there is this mindset that the time to buy determines how you enjoy it. Meaning that if someone were to get a 360 now, people would look at them and say there isnt anything coming out to play. Does that some how invalidate the great games that have already been released?

I was late to the ps2 party by at least 2 years but that didnt stop me from enjoying the back catalog of games available. So just remember that when you do decide to buy into a platform, there will be something to play be it thinking about potential titles or ones already available.

There is always something available.

jmc88882153d ago

Depends. If you like to play multiplayer games, alot of those games are done now.

Some games like Battlefield 2: Modern Combat have their servers completely shut down.

Others are deader than Abraham Lincoln.

Now for single player games you have a point. Sort of. I mean yes, the games would still be fun, but part of all this is how games progressed.

Games in the 80's were fun, because that's all we had. If someone had let us play with a 360 for a month in the 80's, then took it away, suddenly the Apple II games wouldn't look as fun. Basically I'm saying that games progressed through the life of the system.

So early 360 games were fun at the time, but pale in comparison to games that came out later. While Madden produces crap games with little innovation, if you look back 6-7 years to the first one, you realize that first one sucked REAL BAD.

Same thing for CoD. The first one seemed fun at the time, but now, it sucks compared to the most recent ones, and now BLOPS2 is taking a step up.

So yes, there are reasons that some great games from then won't be great now.

Same thing on the Sony end. You can't play Metal Gear Solid Online anymore. WHile there were some major problems with that game, I still had a blast hiding in a box and waiting for a guy to run by only to pop out and shoot him. Hilarous fun. Or rolling inside a barrel and bowling people over. Now if someone picked up a PS3 and bought that game, they wouldn't be able to experience that at all.

Especially with multiplayer games. There are so many communities wither in a few months. Hell buy Assassin Creed a few months late? It can be hard to play multiplayer. Granted 360 is better in this regard than say PC, but all in all, when you wait to buy games, you do lose something.

Multiplayer aspect are either diminished, or if years later potentially non-existent. (for some gamers that's most of what they play)

Singleplayer aspect is that games progress and once something's been topped and you've seen or played it, the stuff that came before it, isn't as fun.

But I get what you are saying. For someone who doesn't have one, getting one now there is still lots of fun to be had. Though I'd rather wait at this point and get a Wii U or whatever. To me at this point it doesn't make too much sense. If this was 2010 it would make sense to buy one then late to the party, but at late 2012, it IS WAY late to the party.

Plus the whole time you are watching all the better games be played and you're catching up with stuff people talked about a 'school' ago. Wow my friend were talking about that in 5th grade, and you're in college. That to me is way too long to wait.

But I've grown up with games and almost always bought the systems within a year or so of launch. Hell even though I was born in 1978, my family ALREADY had an Apple II. So whether it was Apple II/Atari/Arcade gaming has just always been there already. When new systems came out, I was already ready for them, and had already played the older stuff.

live2play2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

very logical

you act like people dont know that later it will be cheaper, later it will have more games, later systems might not be faulty if the first ones were

ofcourse people know that

you think the main reason to buy something DAY 1 is because of BRAGGING RIGHTS? youre kidding me right?

im buying the wiiu day one

yea later more games will come, a price cut will come, more features will come
that are not going to be availiable day one

im buying it because i enjoy what nintendo has to offer
and i have the luxury to not have to wait for things i enjoy

same reason i see midnight premieres for movies

darthv722153d ago

i didnt mean for it to look like it does. I should have typed it as "one of the pro's" but yes you are right. It is not the main nor should I have implied that.

thanks for the heads up.

There are quite a few pro's but for what I have seen lately in this schoolyard mentality is more people bragging about what they got before anyone else instead of just enjoying it.

i myself have been a day 1 consumer of many things. That instant gratification is something everyone should experience at some point in their life. But then later on you begin to rationalize and wonder if it was worth the trouble when you knew you could get it any time after.

and yeah, there are times i could kick myself for NOT being a day 1 buyer because of limited runs or when they are gone...they are gone.

LOGICWINS2152d ago

"you act like people dont know that later it will be cheaper, later it will have more games, later systems might not be faulty if the first ones were"