Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn—Part 4

The surviving cadets fight bravely alongside the Master Chief as Corbulo is destroyed by Covenant.

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aviator1892090d ago

"Call me master chief."

Man, that was an amazing episode. And the elites looks so darned good too.

Can't wait for the fifth and final one.

KMCROC2090d ago

Screw that i want a movie .


But you gotta should work out a deal with say sci fi....make more of this shit. Or do a live action version of any halo book. That episode rocked. Tho other than lasky being an old vice admiral or captain im not seeing how this all is relevant to halo 4 since lasky is now 45....does that mean 117 is like 25 ?

Lvl_up_gamer2090d ago

Just watched the 4th episode on Halo Waypoint 3 times now. THis is one of the best mini series to date. So well done.

There really needs to be a Halo Movie.

The Elite was superb. So life like.

Loving this series and getting even more hyped for Halo 4.

Anna Popplewell is a cutie and Jenna Berman is smokin' HOT.

A7XEric2090d ago

Yea the part where the Elite was hunting them down was so intense. My favorite part.

My only big gripe with this series is its lack of attention to detail in terms of canon. They are using the Halo 4 Elite designs. You may ask why that is such a horrible thing, but the armor the covenant uses in Halo 4 is from the Storm faction of the covenant that forms after Halo 3, and needless to say this takes place very far before that.


That elite in red is rather confusing because hes rocking the spec ops armor used in H3. Which are supposed to be white or grey. Idk the change with each game.
Halo , had blue , red and golden zealots
Halo 2 , had blue,red, white,black,gold and rangers along with the out cast
Halo 3 had to freakin many more.
And Reach still confuggles me on the classifications
Regardless 117 and the elites and jackles are sick
And as CGI as the carbine looked. Its a freaking awesome episode
I enjoyed that 20 min video far more than Snow White and the Woodsman.
Neil Blomphkamf lucked out...however his names spelled

Fyflin2090d ago

This just keeps getting better and better, Chief looks awesome! Can't wait to see the final episode next week!

After that I'll watch them all back to back and then it's on to Halo 4...

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