You should have played… Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 burst onto the scene in mid September this year. Just a little over 12 years after the first Tekken Tag Tournament.

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LOGICWINS1280d ago

I plan on getting it on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Hopefully I don't get frustrated by the steep learning curve.

Robotronfiend1280d ago

It is a really great example of what a good fighting game should be. Big roster, good balance, excellent netcode, deep practice mode, private lobbies and global arenas for unranked online, and tons of gear/costume pieces to unlock.

Movement is really important, so practice and always be aware how different moves change your positioning. It sucks to throw someone and end up in the corner or against a wall.

LOGICWINS1280d ago

You've really gotten me excited to get the game even more!

Kamikaze1280d ago

i plan on getting the wii u version they have nintendo costumes and tekken ball is back:)

T3MPL3TON 1280d ago

No thanks. After the last Tekken game.. I'll pass.

kingPoS1280d ago (Edited 1280d ago )

If you mean Tekken 6's laggy online & some slightly unbalanced characters, then yeah. In Tekken Tag 2 the netcode is a lot better & the overall gameplay is more balanced than the previous title.

Robotronfiend1279d ago

The netcode is an improved version of that Namco used in Soul Calibur 5, which was pretty good. I had many smooth matches with people across the Atlantic.

I didn't play Tekken 6, so I'm not sure how bad that one was.