Review: Medal of Honor - Warfighter | writes: "The campaign is not very spectacular and a little uninspired. There are still small highlights, but they are replaced by boring passages - just the average."

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Trunkz Jr2156d ago

This is a min. score this game should of got. What a joke all the CoD fans throwing 4's and 5's at this.

bobtheimpaler2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

I'm enjoying this game a lot more than I thought I would. Even before some of the bad reviews came pouring in. Reading some of the reviews, I was expecting the worst whilst waiting to receive my order. The prologue of the game was very uninspiring and left my first impression wanting, but after that, the game goes off and is at the moment one of the best SP modes I've played in a military FPS.

I don't like real world based military FPS. Usually, the AI in these games are atrocious...non existant, disorganised affairs...NPCs constantly respawn from an obvious point, go to the exact cover time and time again, unaware and failing to adapt to the player, only to serve as bullet fodder. It amuses me that often less realistic games like Killzone, Halo and Bioshock have much better and dynamic AI. Not to say that the AI in Warfighter is perfect and that the game is without scripting. There's still a lot of scripting, but the AI certainly helps in making the game a lot more enjoyable, rather than going through levels so heavily scripted that you can tell the gameplay lacks substance and gets boring quickly.

Add to that some missions and moments such as the refreshing vehicle and on foot chase missions and the single player is a solid 8/10 in my book. It's not all roses and daffodils. The story could be better, but that's not the point of these games. It's not completely original, but that's just inherent in the sub genre, there's still a fair bit that sets this game a part from the competition that makes it worthy of picking up. It's been years since I've enjoyed a game in this FPS sub genre.

MerkinMax2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

With some of the reviews being so low, I expect when I finally play it my expectations will be so low that I will really enjoy it lol. Sad honestly, I really liked the MoH 2010 campaign.

seanpitt232156d ago

Well iam enjoying this game it deserves an 8 in my eyes not 5s it might not be perfect but no game is and it's different from cod and battlefield and that's what I like about it.

Athlon2155d ago

I'll definitely give it a play then. I bought the game on release day but hadn't opened since I was seeing all of these poor reviews. However, I couldn't help thinking it was a conspiracy given the fact that Black Ops 2 is right around the corner. Some reviewers are even bashing the graphics saying it's worse than last years which I find hard to believe. If anything, it's at least better looking than Black Ops 2 which features that pretty much unevolved graphics engine for several years now.