PlayStation 3 Owners Revolt Over Firmware Update 4.30

Push Square: "As is so often the case online, people aren’t happy. The PlayStation 3’s latest firmware update arrived earlier this week with a couple of admittedly eyebrow-raising additions. Alongside the ability to check Vita Trophies on the console, the update also implemented SingStar into the XMB, and moved some of the key components of the dashboard around."

What are your thoughts on the latest PS3 firmware update? Is the SingStar icon driving you insane?

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MasFlowKiller1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Really people are Revoting over an icon?

am usually not on the XMB too long, am ether playing a game or watching a movie(netflix, blu ray or amazon prime)

Its just an Icon people for a free game(mic not included), if you want to play it, play it. if you dont, dont just sit there and stare at the icon, lol

GribbleGrunger1756d ago

Yeah, I've been having a conversation over at another forum about this and normally sane people are complaining like children. They can't understand why I have no problem with it. It's ONE icon and a game for FREE. Yes, you have to buy tracks, but there are plenty of second hand copies out there that would work with this DLC version.

get2sammyb1756d ago

I don't think it's the inclusion of the game -- or, indeed, the icon -- that's causing the issue. I think most people are fine with the addition of SingStar to the XMB -- but I think it's the placement of the icon that's getting people down. For example, if you don't have a Blu-ray inserted, the PS3 defaults to showing SingStar. And it also creates a barrier between the disc and your PSN games. That is a teensy bit frustrating.

As suggested in the article, the problem could be solved if the icon was moved to the Music section of the XMB.

GribbleGrunger1756d ago

Well, maybe they will at a later date. Clearly Sony want to promote Singstar (which isn't for everyone) but who can blame them. They provide AAA titles on a regular basis and give us 44 games a year plus discounts on PS+. I for one think that Sony deserves some understanding here.

get2sammyb1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I don't disagree, and I'm sure they will move it after the backlash. It's going to remain an irritation -- no matter how minor -- for the time being, though.

KUV19771756d ago

Not saying anything about the 'Cion-Problem' as such but your argument is kind of weired:

"They can't understand why I have no problem with it. It's ONE icon and a game for FREE. Yes, you have to buy tracks, but there are plenty of second hand copies out there that would work with this DLC version."

If you buy a used game for the tracks you don't need the Icon. If you don't buy a disc (or tracks in the store) the Icon is useless. So as an argument pro icon because it is free that doesn't seem to make sense to me.

GribbleGrunger1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Why? I can get Singstar games for £3. One of the secondary arguments against this icon on some of the forums I frequent is the necessity to buy tracks online. I'm just offering an alternative for those who want to get a full collection of tracks for a few quid rather than buying each track at a premium.

On the main issue, I have no problem.

edit: Ok, perhaps I should have paragraphed it to show I'm talking about two different elements

'Yeah, I've been having a conversation over at another forum about this and normally sane people are complaining like children. They can't understand why I have no problem with it. It's ONE icon and a game for FREE.

Yes, you have to buy tracks, but there are plenty of second hand copies out there that would work with this DLC version.'

I'll hit your agree because I did make it look like it was the same argument :)

get2sammyb1756d ago

I think the point that Kuv1977 was making is if you do buy a disc for £3, there's not need for the icon to be there in the first place because, well, you bought the disc.

GribbleGrunger1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

There IS a reason for the Icon to be there. Those that use Singstar and enjoy it are less likely to complain about the icon. These people will gladly buy each track from the store once they are aware of its existence. You have to understand that many of these people don't bother to download new tracks because they're not aware the store exists. Having to download it means they'll more likely move to online distribution and so actually discover the store.

The people who are complaining the most are your core/hardcore gamer, who find it intrusive because they have little interest in Singstar. For these people, the argument invariable goes: 'It's intrusive and I have to buy tracks anyway, so it's not actually free.' Well, my alternative, whilst not inexhaustible, is at least an answer for these people. It's not an answer to their gripes, but it reduces the two fold problem by one.

Bare in mind that this version of Singstar is a better version of the one you get on discs; which are not upgradeable.

darthv721756d ago

is there such a thing as having a default icon on the PS3 xmb? Im in the US so i cant experience what EU people are seeing but I can say that when I turn on my PS3 it varies what icon it defaults to.

In most cases it defaults to whatever was the las app I was using. I turned it on this morning and after boot up the icon it landed on was joe danger which happened to be the last game i played when i shut down prior.

i think before that it started on the netflix icon because i was watching netflix before that. So I really am asking if what people are seeing is in fact a default that will always be this singstar regardless of the previous shutdown.

And honestly, when mine starts up and i see the background for whatever it was last i had done, i move the screen to what i want to do and the background changes to that.

Why the uproar when you can change the look in less than 5 seconds?

r1sh121756d ago

How does this article even get approved?
It says 835 people (at the time or writing I assume) are complaining.
Im just taking 60 million ps3 sales (just for arguments sake, I dont really care what the actual number is).
That makes 0.00139% how can it makes news?

KUV19771756d ago

Actually I am one of the guys who plays Singstar fairly regularly and I have been wondering for a long time why they didn't put out a free app like this. They wouldn't lose any money because I would still have to buy tracks and I would still need some mics. Also I have about 120 bought songs and only ever used the discs for starting the game and then navigated around the disc tracks I did not want in the first place but needed to start the game. So basically I am pro free-Singstar.

However, I still don't get why they couldn't offer a free download in the store where you can then choose the icon to be in whichever folder you like but instead insist on putting it into everyone's face. Why choose an option that is guaranteed to make everyone happy when you can have an option that annoys at least part of your fan base, right? Now while I personally can live with that I also understand why people would be upset about starting the PS3, not having a game inside, and then having to look at the terrible promoshot of people wearing goofy clothes and especially the guy who apparently sings through his teeth. But it is just one more inconsistency in the XMB-UI (others being app-backdrops of extremely varying quality and style).

HammadTheBeast1756d ago

I haven't even noticed it... I'm actually sure it's not on my PS3...

Anon19741756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I updated days ago and I honestly haven't noticed. Is this part of the update in Canada? Any other canucks want to weigh in on this? Have you noticed? I'm working at the moment and don't feel like going downstairs to fire up the home theatre to check.

MysticStrummer1756d ago

People are revolting over an icon I can't even see...? Yup this is N4G worthy for sure.

GribbleGrunger1756d ago

@KUV1977: Because this is to make people aware of the online store. If it was a download from the online store...

Well, you get the picture.

pixelsword1756d ago

I think it's the hackers who are complaining...

...just a guess, though.

JellyJelly1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Some of you really sound like Sony spokespersons.

get2sammyb and KUV1977 made legit remarks that are hard to disagree with, without in any way bashing Sony. Yet GribbleGrunger defends it to death and thinks anything Sony does is positive. How could they do wrong?

The rest of the commenters try to steer away from the real topic and make it seem as if it's about the addition of an icon, when what's being discussed is the affect on the navigation and user experience.

An hour later you see the same people crying their eyes out over ads on Xbox Live. And if someone was to state that they haven't noticed any except for games related stuff such as campaigns on Arcade games etc they would call you them liars.

Amazing how stuff works here.

miyamoto1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

bloggers have nothing good to say about PS3 and they make a big deal of such trivial stuff..

they have no job without PlayStation

nuff said

GrandTheftZamboni1755d ago

I'm in Canada, did the update yesterday and I don't see any new SingStar icon (I had SingStar viewer installed before though).

novcze1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

This is not free game, you have to buy songs, they put this mere advert on top of all game folders full of games I bought and I can do nothing with this, I can't delete this advert nor move it to folder. Do they really think their advert is more valuable than my games I bought and actually want to play. Also is this sign of things to come in next-gen? Adverts sitting on top of your games you downloaded without option to delete. I will think twice about it when next-gen hardware arrive.

kikizoo1755d ago

Lol jellybelly (xboyfanboy) comparing adds on xbl (not free!) with a free game icon on xmb XD

logic for xbox fans ? probably never.

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danimitsu1756d ago

oh, yes ... revolting ... sure. lol lame

StraightPath1756d ago ShowReplies(1)
CalvinKlein1756d ago

I have no Idea about this I havent updated my ps3 yet. As long as NFL sunday ticket works I will be happy.

They should know having their add for sing star wont make me suddenly buy it and do karaoke

Knight_Crawler1756d ago

Have to agree - as long as its not Justin Beiber or Niki Manje then I am ok with it.

b_one1756d ago

its overstated - its not a revolt just some more posts on forums and twitter...

Wigriff1756d ago

Ridiculous, misplaced outcries over asinine bullshit, spewing vitriol all over the internet like entitled children... this is why we can't have nice things...

Do these people not realize that they actually damage the community, not strengthen it, through these kinds of action? People are so quick to wield their pitchforks and torches, all under the pretense of being "defenders of quality and choice." I'm all for people voicing their opinions, but i'm so sick of seeing gamers act like someone just shot their puppy every time they don't get their way, or exactly what they want.

MetalProxy1755d ago

Agreed and well said! man the interweb is such a angry place. Its almost impossible to find anything that isnt full of bitching and hating...unless they are making fun of the hating and bitching ><

Bimkoblerutso1755d ago

As always, the internet takes up the "justice torch" way too vehemently, but I don't think it's "ridiculous" to be upset with a shameless, intrusive advertisement.

I understand that companies need to get their products out there, but there are MUCH more eloquent, consumer-friendly ways of doing it than this.

Wigriff1755d ago

No, it isn't ridiculous to be upset; it's ridiculous to act the way that they are over such a small, asinine issue. It really doesn't significantly impact anyone's experience with their PS3.

I can see where not being able to delete the icon could be mildly irritating, and you should be able to delete it, but it's still a pretty small matter. People are actually acting outraged and becoming verbally abusive over it. That's what is ridiculous.

Good post though, Bimkoblerutso, and thanks MetalProxy.

princejb1341756d ago

lmao i didnt even notice that icon until i read this
still nothing to be mad about
the world is such a angry place

Gamer19821756d ago

Yeah there not really its a joke. I mean if people honestly cared you would see 360 owners up in arms every 2 minutes about differnt ad panels etc.. They got it a lot worse they pay a yearly fee to play online and get ads on there dash. I feel some people do whine as I seen it but its the minority.

FragMnTagM1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

The only people I know that whine about it are ardent Sony fanboys.

The tiny little ads in the corner that are 95% gaming related and tailored to your interests to boot, don't bother me one bit.

At least you are not forced to hear or watch them as the sound is disabled unless you navigate to it. Whereas on TV, you are forced into watching commercials unless you want to channel surf and lose a few seconds here and there of your show. Also people pay WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more for cable and are fine with ridiculously stupid ads that you are pretty much forced to watch.

I have never heard anyone on my friends list ever complain about it.

It is just a bullet point for arguments against the 360 basically.

geddesmond1755d ago

My thoughts are? Are gamers really so sensitive that they have to moan about everything gaming related? Grow some balls people. Wah theres a singstore icon. Do what I did, press triangle over the icon and delete it. Enough said.