“Gangnam Style” and “Call Me Maybe” confirmed for Dance Central 3

Seems like both PSY and Carly Rae Jepsen will be making their way to Dance Central 3 with their HUGE hits "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me Maybe."

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cl19831876d ago

Two reason not to buy this game for me.

Sidology1876d ago

Did you know: DLC is optional

cl19831876d ago

Article didn't mention that this was dlc nor was I aware that dc3 released last Tuesday.

caseh1876d ago

Haha what a fricking scam, game was released last Tuesday yet Gangham Style and Call me Maybe are two of the biggest songs to be released well in advance of the game being made available meaning they could have been added well before it launched...and they add those two tracks as DLC.

Personally I don't think they should be charging for these 'games' it should be free with one or two songs bundled in then let people decide the content of their game via DLC.

Knight_Crawler1876d ago

So this means you wont be buying Halo 4, Battle Royal, Dead Space 3, The Last of Us or any other block buster hit on console...becuase you know, all these games offer DLC which optional -_-

You must be one of those elite PC gamers I heard about...what brings you to a console exclusive game?

cl19831876d ago

No, Article didn't mention that this was dlc nor was I aware that dc3 released last Tuesday.

borisfett1876d ago

They can keep Call Me Maybe, but I'll gladly have myself some Gangnam Style. Especially for Dance Central.

Acquiescence1876d ago

it would be those two songs. Do you know that the chick who sings Call Me Maybe is 26? 26! She dresses like she's 15.

caseh1876d ago

You definately would though given the chance and don't you deny it! :D

Acquiescence1876d ago

She's pretty smoking. She'd have to dress her age though, lest I feel like a paedo.

mafiahajeri1876d ago

26!? She looks like shes 14 anyway I cant wait for this DLC!!!! WOOO!! :D


Sidology1876d ago

She's cute as Hell and I would totally call her.

kingmushroom1876d ago

Gagnam style is burned out

Plagasx1876d ago

I almost killed myself listening to Call me Maybe the other day.