Black Ops 2: Zombies Game Modes. Tranzit, Survival and Grief |

Like I've said many times before, with each passing day more and more content will be revealed. This time though, it's about the fan favorite Zombies mode.

To start off, there's Tranzit. A story mode with a huge map and different areas to explore. You have the choice to either take the bus or travel by foot. In Tranzit, you'll encounter new characters, zombies and new futuristic weapons. You might want to grab a few buddies and have a strategic plan for this one.

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Xsteps2151d ago

My roommate is dead set on getting COD:BO2 just for the zombie mode.

hadouken0072151d ago

Hell I am too! That's why I'm getting it.

JsonHenry2151d ago

It is the only reason I am buying it. The competitive zombie mode sounds awesome.

Chuk52145d ago

This sounds super crazy.
Like really, really crazy.