10 Reasons Nobody Cares About The Kinect How could something as supposedly revolutionary as the Kinect be cared about so little? Here are 10 reasons why nobody cares about the Kinect.

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memots2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Same reason waggle game sucks. Motion control can be fun for about 1hour then it's done. I have yet to play a kinect game were you actual do something more than looking like a full on retard without his ritalin dose.

Megaton2093d ago

Motion gaming is only fun as a goof while drunk with friends.

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Megaton2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

That was a much more hysterical response than I expected. All I originally said was that motion gaming in general is only fun as a goof. I didn't single out Microsoft, or "troll" anything.

EVILDEAD3602093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

So wait I got marked for trolling when I clearly wasnt?

In fact I was one of the only ones who didn't. lol..this whole page is littered

I spoke on topic about the article that is ironically trolling flamebait and I still gave facts to support my view.

But see if I defend myself against someone then I'm the troll?

Lol..It is what it is.



T'hat was a much more hysterical response than I expected. All I originally said was that motion gaming in general is only fun as a goof. I didn't single out Microsoft, or "troll" anything'

Again I simply spoke ontopic about the article and didn't speak on you until you asked for it. But I see I'm not allowed to respond. It's all good..I'll leave it alone

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0pie2093d ago

i hate the motion lag with kinect and the fact that most of the game are "casual gamer" games.
i hate kinect.

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The XBOT2093d ago

Its that lag that forced this gadget to become a casual only experience and not made it good enough for a real gaming experience. Until that lag is minimized to game pad levels, you wont see this peripheral playing major roles in the hardcore level.

brandynevils2093d ago

I just want to buy one so I can re-enact Paranormal Activities. The fact that I've gone through 7 Xbox consoles alone is enough to legitimately turn me off to Kinect.

Pixel_Enemy2093d ago

The fact that you've gone through 7 xbox consoles alone means that some of them may be haunting your home. You need a Kinect to document paranormal activities for sure.

brandynevils2093d ago

No joke. I have 3 I still haven't sold just sitting on a shelf in one of my rooms. I'm waiting on one of them to magically turn on while I sleep. Or find them sitting in random spots in my house. I just got so tired of sending them in, or taking them apart to fix...

Pixel_Enemy2093d ago

I still have my OG launch fat PS3 and a slim model as well. Haven't had any issues. I have an Elite model 360 that came out before the slim that is still holding up too. I guess I am lucky.

brandynevils2093d ago

I traded in so many of my Xbox things- and ended up getting a brand new PS3, 3 games (Skyrim (had to replace), Darksiders II and Killzone) AND 2 controllers for $60. Xbox controllers have a ridiculously high trade in value at the GameStop empire. I used to just trollll on behalf of Xbox. Not any more, man. I literally gave up... and switched everything to PS3.

DivineAssault 2093d ago

cuz its not improving core games.. nuff said

Chaostar2093d ago

I think its fairer to say that the 'core' gamers generally don't care about Kinect but there's a big casual market that seem to like the thing, flaws and all.

A lot of people like to claim MS is now focused on that very market and neglecting the relatively small section of gamers that consider themselves core. I say if it makes them more money then there's no question MS will jump at it like a rabid dog on heat, more power to them. However I need more focus on the things I as a 20+ year avid gamer want, no matter the market size, if they are to get my money.

nukeitall2093d ago

MS already got what 20+ year avid gamer want, Halo 4 and CoD:Black Ops 2!

Chaostar2093d ago

Two FPS games? True a LOT of people, even older farts like myself, are satisfied with just a handful of shooter games and their yearly Fifa or similar.

Personally I'd like to think there's more to gaming than that.

Lvl_up_gamer2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Forza Horizon. That's a racer right there.

The Whicher 2
Happy wars

That right there is some diversity. All from this year. The 360 isn't all just shooters although shooters are primarily the most common genre on both the 360 and ps3.

nukeitall2092d ago

"Personally I'd like to think there's more to gaming than that."

Yeah, there is plenty and Lvl_up_gamer just gave you a bunch.

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