Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Cross-Buy for PS Vita Seemingly Confirmed

According to the updated product site of Need for Speed: Most Wanted in the US PlayStation Store, the game is a part of Sony´s Cross-Buy Promotion.

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mafiahajeri1942d ago

I really hope this is true.

guitarded771942d ago

You'd think the PS Blog would confirm something like this to get sales up. I'm currently waiting for Black Friday, but if this is true, I'll pre-order the digital download.

gaffyh1941d ago

Me too, it's the only thing that makes digital downloads a reasonable option. However if it was true, I think they'd be shouting it from the rooftops to let people know about.

MmaFan-Qc1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

how is it confirmed?

i was about to get the ps vita version only, if the ps3 version allow me to play it on the go, i will without a doubt preorder the ps3 version on the psn/

faysal1942d ago

wtf it cost £35 to preorder from shopto but £60 from psn. this is stealing in front of our own eyes.. fuck EA

jd6661942d ago

Got mine for £28 from (PS3)

honkytonky1942d ago

actually this part of the description is part of almost every game available in the store. so no confirmation in sight...

core_51942d ago

is it not, they refer to a special portable version .. with Assassins Creed as example, they mention only the PS3 Version in the description.

honkytonky1942d ago

i had a look and at least in the german store there is this same part (2 home and 2 portble) also in the description of the new dark souls dlc und the battlefield premium, which are not not available for ps vita... so seems to me as its some standard-text

KUV19771942d ago

What I find more interesting about that picture is the normal price. 60$ is fairly standard and 54$ is a nice plus rebate. Guess what they ask in the German store: 70€ without rebate. Going by todays exchange rate that makes 90$. That's 40% more for German Plus-members. Seems about fair.

PsnGammer211942d ago

This Is only referring to game share not cross buy

kB01942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

No it doesn't just say that re-read it >

"Up to 2 consoles and 2 portable systems that are associated with the purchasing account"

I can confirm that ALL other games just say "up to 2 consoles" ONLY WOOOOO 53.99$ get ps3 and PS vita version for PLus users! Sold!

I also took a picture of the description incase Sony tries to pull a fast one I'll just get a refund!

jeffrey2221941d ago

take a look buddy. hahaha

Godchild10201942d ago

I agree with kB0.

They only have that description on content that are cross compatible. Need for Speed Most Wanted might be Cross-buy. I checked on content that can only be played on PS3 (Dishonored & Doom 3) and they state just 2 consoles, nothing about portable consoles and then I checked Cross-buy items (Retro City Rampage), it mentions 2 console systems and 2 portable consoles.

The only thing the NFS description doesn't have is the words that say "Purchasing this content entitles you both the PS3 and Vita Versions". But that can be due to the game not being out yet.

jeffrey2221941d ago

yeah I agreed with you that was only refer to game share not cross buy..

sorry to burst your bubble sir. but it will not be cross buy.

DOMination-1941d ago

Only first party games will ever be cross buy i think. Publishers will not want to give games away for free

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The story is too old to be commented.