Robert Florence: “I Was Put Out Of A Job By Another Games Writer”

His Lost Humanity column for Eurogamer was one of the most biting, distinctive and genuinely funny video game opinion series on the web. But now outspoken writer Robert ‘Rab’ Florence has quit Eurogamer – after his latest column received complaints and even alleged threats of libel action.

“I work in the supposedly cut-throat TV industry,” he Tweeted last night. “But today I was effectively put out of a job by another games writer."

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Picnic1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Nobody really cares about the inner political workings. What the writer fails to see / acknowledge is that it will have been some of those that will have put him in the position of 'games writer' rather than just 'enthusiastic and informed member of the public' in the first place. No matter how highly writers may think of themselves, anyone can pull the platform away at any time. It's not the quality of your writing that gets you employed- it's right place, right time, right 'I'm a little bit geeky but I'm cool enough to know when to pull it in to appeal to an audience that is also similarly self regarding' attitude. The people who actually make the games have an infinitely harder job. It rightly should take an awful lot to be respected as a writer these days- the internet is full of writers. Surely the glut of information that there is can only makes those who create the art (the game) itself more highly respected. Yes writing is an art but then so is my post and I'm not getting paid for that.

shodan741974d ago

What on earth are you talking about?

MikeMyers1973d ago

Actually some people do care about the inner political workings. Some people actually believe you should be able to voice your own opinion and not have your job at stake for exploiting how things really are.

The problem is we continue to be sidetracked by marketing and with all of these influences how can we trust anyone? Here we have Geoff Keighley pictured for an interview who looks like a NASCAR racer surrounded by brands. You think he's going to be honest? He has people he keeps in contact with in the industry, of course he won't be 100% honest. The Spike Awards have become a complete joke. It's not even about the games, it's about the glitz.

Game reviews have also become a major marketing tool.

GribbleGrunger1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

You appear to be overlooking the one trait that a good writer requires: integrity. If that is undermined then online journalism will never evolve and improve. This writer had a dose of integrity and lost his job because of it. Not even a sizeable paragraph like yours could justify what has happened here.

Do I offer this back to knives thrust there,
For friends and foe alike to see a hand done wrong?
Or cast off this philanthropic air,
Cover these eyes; scramble blindly along...

freezola751974d ago

Those words you speak are the truth. A lot of them are covering their eyes and scrambling blindly along... waiting for the next deal to hop up on.

Messed up what happened to this guy. But it has happened before. You can't be a gamer and not know this...

But is there anymore journalistic integrity to be found out here anyway?

GribbleGrunger1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Where have you been hiding?

This is going to be a major blow to integrity. Less journalist are now likely to mess with the big boys, unless their integrity stretches to risking all.

That's an old poem of mine, but I thought it fitted the situation well.

cleft51974d ago

I completely agree with you and that is an excellent poem that you wrote. It can be applied to so many things that are happen right now. It's sad that we are at this point, but that is what happens when people bury their head in the sand and pretend everything will magically resolve itself. I hope that what this guy is doing now inspires others to hold on and maintain their integrity as well.

GribbleGrunger1974d ago

Thanks! It's actually just one stanza.

I hope more journalists are inspired by what this guy did, but with the economy in such a mess, integrity is going to be difficult to justify. That's an unfortunate side effect of economics, but it's the cold, hard truth. Have a bubble though.

Godmars2901974d ago

A good, trusted, journalist requires integrity. They also need time as well as, if not more, popularity for that integrity to register on the public consciousness. The game review community just doesn't have, or are given, enough of the last for integrity to matter.

Then there's the fickle, cynical nature of the people reviewers are trying to reach. A reviewer can't write something honest, call a game bad, because gamers who became devoted to the game when it was only an unnamed announcement will fry them for being a hater. And then there's the industry they make their money off of same as any game developer.

Sadly reason, common sense and above all integrity are pretty much extinct in the industry. This, reviewers being fired after giving "honest" reviews and all of the PR crap surrounding Mass Effect says as much.

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Mad_Mack1974d ago ShowReplies(1)
kwyjibo1974d ago

This guy is a professional writer, he got there because of his talent. He didn't rise through the blogging ranks and appeal to other writers through a "self regarding" attitude. He got picked up by the BBC, not some internet content farm. He's written for stuff in the IT Crowd, and for Frankie Boyle.

Florence is significantly better writer than most of the professional writers working in the games industry.

Picnic, you are completely ignorant of this guy's work, so why did you comment?

Picnic1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

So you want me to have sympathy for someone who writes for a comedian who, whilst often clever, told several jokes about a particular disabled child, the son of Katie Price aka Jordan? You do not visit the perceived 'sins' of the mother on to the son, particularly one who never chose to court the fame that his mother has.

I recall him now. He is the guy who was on Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe. He did an OK little piece on there. I don't see why my praise should go any further than that. This is not a writer associating himself with people who tread a fine comedic balance without ever taking it too far. No doubt he would not welcome excessive praise either. So why is he looking for sympathy? Feeling old is he? This guy's fingers are in so many pies why should his fragile little ego care if one of them gets burnt?

kwyjibo1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Picnic, he didn't get fired. He stepped down, and stated clearly why he did.

But instead, you went for a straw man ad hominem character assassination of someone he'd worked for. A guilty by association appeal to Katie Price is pretty much the worse argument anyone can make.

"He did an OK little piece on there. I don't see why my praise should go any further than that."

Only you didn't give him any praise whatsoever, and instead just attacked his character and his profession without any knowledge of his character or work?

How do you see your original post as valid in any possible way? It's just stunningly indefensibly ignorant. I'd be embarrassed.

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Saturne31974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Well that´s videogame journalism nowdays or you either go freelance/independent or stay in bed.

News,reviews and articles are monopolized by most gaming websites but gamers still respect them, figures..

InTheLab1974d ago

I will follow this man to wherever he ends up...

Now, about suing for Libel. Who does this the most? The guilty...

MadMen1974d ago

Is that Morgan Freeman...

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