Silent Hill: Book of Memories Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Despite its drawbacks, Silent Hill: Book of Memories is an absolute joy to play. Whenever you are with a large group of people or experiencing one of the better designed levels, there are signs of a brilliant game here. In fact, the game is Silent Hill fan service at its best as it features multiple enemies throughout the series, buffing items which used to be collected for puzzles in past games and more. However it is held back by some by terribly high levels of backtracking and cheap artificial difficulty.

So just like many things in the Silent Hill world, Book of Memories is a great dungeon crawling experience, twisted by questionable design into something that may infuriate more players than make them enjoy their time with it."

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LinkageAX2039d ago

Ughh... whatever happened to the horror genre?

masterabbott2039d ago

Im gonna get it and try it out .. sound pretty good.

shammgod2039d ago

same here, most users really like the game and it looks pretty good too