HD Collections: Who should be next for a tune up?

TGC writes: A lot of gaming series are getting revamped at the moment. Franchises like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill & Splinter Cell have received the high honour of a HD Collection on both PS3 and Xbox 360. Of course, with these games more than one game has been released, in each example here a trilogy of games have been included in the collection, and I am going to try to keep that trend going with my own opinions.

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Kurt Russell1757d ago

GTA 1 an 2 collection... And that England 1.

EliteDave931757d ago

I rather have Vice city and San andreas.

raekwaan1757d ago

Spiderman 2, the only Spiderman game EVER to get the swinging right!

GenericNameHere1757d ago

The Naruto Chronicles games. I don't know if they were good critic-wise, but I personally loved those games!!

WeskerChildReborned1757d ago

Naruto Ultimate Ninja series also GTA SA

byeGollum1757d ago

the ultimate ninja series that would be great

ElasticLove1757d ago

.hack and .hack//G.U. HD collection