Square Enix is Spying on You (But It’s To Make Better Games)

When you blindly click "agree" on Square Enix's online terms & conditions, you probably didn't notice that you're saying you agree to allow the publisher to record the way you play a game.

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ceballos77mx2002d ago

They have shitty spies then.

ElitaStorm2002d ago

"But It’s To Make Better Games" i loled at that part

you don't need spies when you're creative....

caseh2002d ago

Was this in play on FF13 then? Its not like they can monitor your choices etc when you walk down a winding corridor from the start of the game right up to the end. :D

nrvalleytime2002d ago

Yeah, but you forget about walking speed.

It's a very important gameplay mechanic.

Godmars2902002d ago

If Congressmen weren't so busy trying to ban video games, I'd at least hope they'd create a regulation to protect against unchecked monitoring.

You know, doing their actual jobs protecting general rights?

Fel082002d ago

Well, they need to hire better spies than.

Myst2002d ago

Well the spies at least seem to have made or are making FF14 better at least...but the spies then should know that several games we wanted have not shown their faces either in the Western lands or at all.

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