Yakuza 5 Another Drama Preview Video - Haruka Sawamura

Similar to previously released trailers, Sega have released a new "Another Drama" trailer for Yakuza 5 - focusing on newly playable character Haruka Sawamura.

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SOD_Delta2157d ago

Has a NA release date bet set? I hope I don't have to wait till 2014 to play this game. I love the Yakuza series.

caseh2157d ago

Sega have a knack of taking an age to translate and release a Yakuza game. I remember picking up Yakuza 3 only to see some Japanese guy playing Y4 on a few weeks later.

Can't say i'm happy that Tanimura doesn't look like hes gonna make it to this Yakuza. By far the best character in Y4, instead we get to play 'dance dance' games with Haruka...can't say thats really selling the game to me so far.