Mass Effect Film Gets A New Writer

Joe from Awesome Games writes: 'The much-discussed Mass Effect film adaptation will be written by Morgan Davis Foehl, according to a report on Variety.

'Foehl’s credits include assistant editor on FX’s Rescue Me, in addition to Adam Sandler comedies I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and Click.'

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TopDudeMan2159d ago

"Arad is also behind the film adaptations of game franchises "Uncharted," "Twisted Metal," "Infamous" and "Metal Gear Solid.""

So, like every high profile video game movie that's coming out in the next foreseeable future is getting produced by the same guy? Well, that's either really good or really bad... I'm sure it'll be good, though. Wonder when we'll hear about a cast.

KangarooSam2159d ago

Hoping for Helen Mirren as Commander Shepard. Fingers crossed.

ghostman1232159d ago

Yes to Helen Mirren, but as Dr. Chakwas, not Shepard.

KangarooSam2159d ago

I was just joking. But holy shit, you are a genius, sir. She would be amazing in that role.

Anna Torv as Kelly, please.

MasterD9192159d ago

Willem Dafoe as it.

rpd1232158d ago

If they ever get around to adapting ME2, they have to have Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda.