Wreck-It Ralph Review - The Best Video Game Movie Yet

GameXplain: "Is Disney's Wreck-It Ralph the best videogame film ever made? Are Ralph and Fix-It Felix Jr compelling characters? Find out all that and more in our full video review!"

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Eternalb2158d ago

I want to see this so bad

newsguy2158d ago

better than the mario movie? no way

Neko_Mega2158d ago

Don't care, going to watch it anyways to see it for myself. Problem is, whi will be going with me @[email protected]

r212158d ago

Ah, so its a review of the movie, thought it was the game XD Im excited to watch this when it releases :)

LightSamus2158d ago

I wouldn't class it as a video game movie in the same sense that say Tomb Raider or Resident Evil are though. Whereas they are films based on game franchies, WIR is just a Pixar film centred around a fictional video game featuring cameos from well-known faces. Not quite the same thing.

Fishy Fingers2158d ago

No not really, which is why this will probably be good. As its not just a simple cash in on an existing popular game franchise.

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