A Love/Hate Relationship with Medal Of Honor: Warfighter's multiplayer So much right, and yet so much wrong.

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xc7x2158d ago

sounds entirely like BF3's multiplayer

Cam9772157d ago

But it is cut down and worse.

TooTall192157d ago

I will stick to BF3 CQ for this type of action.

TheGameHuntah2157d ago

MOHW has a very interesting MP. Nice mix between COD and BF3 CQ. Don't get blind for bad review of big magazines, the game is pretty good!
With Halo 4 and BOPS2 on deck.. i know is not easy decision to spend another $50, but honestly I'm having an awesome time playing MOHW

MrChow6662157d ago

that was a good review, it doesnt look that bad, still not picking it, i'm getting halo 4 :D

bryam19822157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

I played the trial from ps plus 30 min single player and 30 min teamdeamatch and i like it a lot the buddy system is really cool and the graphics too the history feel better than battlefield 3 too bad for the no co op maybe on a dlc? I'm buyint it next week hopefully is going to b cheaper lol

rbluetank2155d ago

that was a perfect video on how you must play this game. it is not for everyone. alot of times your wingman will keep you from spawning. your wingman might go COD on you by just running off on some solo sheit.. i seen one person get 63 kills. he was just wrecking people. i would tell people to find a friend that they can work with before buying this game.