Media, Ethics, Tomb Raider and the Streisand Effect -- WorthPlaying

WorthPlaying writes, "One of the most common criticisms heard by members of the games media is, "They must be on the take." Having written about video games for more than a decade and a half, I've seen it countless times, usually when someone disagrees with an outlet. While there have been some noted examples of both game publishers and media outlets doing something shady, those are very much the exception rather than the rule. By and large, most people working in the games media are honest, as are those working in PR. What we all have to remember, though, is that perception is often more important than the truth."

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rdgneoz32089d ago

Gotta love how she screwed herself over by starting everything. If she kept quiet, no one would have dug and found lying out her a$$ about not reviewing games for a company she had (or still does) worked for or promoting the company's games. She's gonna have a fun time after this with people judging her credibility.