New Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge screenshots

Nintendo released new Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge screenshots.

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toaster2153d ago

How is it that, in 2012, a game of this calibre still looks like a PS2 game?

Godmars2902153d ago

Funny. I was about to mention how this borrows from NG1 and NG2. Literally lifts stages.

Also can't help but notice that this is the NG3 they should have done in the first place!

Jadedz2153d ago

Whatever floats your "unbias" boat xD.

DivineAssault 2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Thats the wii u for ya.. They are already preparing ppl to receive older 3rd party games.. Everything i see on it is already out & its even getting ported wii games (like Monster Hunter & Dragon Quest) which isnt exactly awesome for being a supposed nx gen system...

Hopefully Bayonetta 2 looks somewhat more advanced than what we're used to because HD miis & shovelware doesnt make me want to drop $300... Especially when its missing so many current gen features & network options.. I wanted wii u to be my primary console until PS4 arrives but after what ive seen, i dont even want it at all.. Its got the potential to be awesome but nobody is using it at the moment..

cleft5, your right but it was immediately evident that ps3 was nx gen even with the ports.. when ps2 launched, it was immediately evident it was nx gen.. This has worse looking games than current gen for the most part.. It will pick up but i already know what to expect from 3rd party

cleft52153d ago

I would be more concerned if the Wii U wasn't getting ports of all the current games. You might recall that the ps3 and 360 got ports of ps2 games when those consoles initially launched.

Ck1x2153d ago

I think by this point you just need to stop trying to make people think that you were even remotely interested in the WiiU. Its a reason for you to comment in every WiiU related article, but your comments are always under-handed...

Lord_Sloth2153d ago

So....You had a stronger PS2 model than the rest of us?

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