Resident Evil 6 | Review

Trev from writes:

Resident Evil is a long running series that has featured hot girls, zombies and action that gets even more ridiculous… and that’s just the films! Fortunately Paul W.S. Anderson has nothing to do with the games which appear to be mutating and expanding just like the monstrosities featured within.

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RPG12012160d ago

Personally I think it's going to be real hard hitting the 'evolution' RE4 brought to the table. Specially because Shinji Mikami left after 4. As a hardcore RE fan, I really don't like the lack of Horror. Still RE5 and RE6 are amazing games for other reasons. 0 in the innovation department but in every other aspect they are at top of their game.

ape0072160d ago

" but in every other aspect they are at top of their game"

100% disagree, a lot of places and enemies in resi 6 are just plain cheap and generic, not Resi 4 quality at all, in places it feel less focused, less inspired and poorly put together, that leon fat zombie part and church battle were so awful

taquito2160d ago


way too generous, controls are abysmal, graphics are ps2 era, story is all over the place, damn glad i rented this, almost bought it day one

I'll be waiting for the steam version with vastly improved visuals, better controls, all the dlc and a $15 price tag, should be 2 months after release!