90° Event Coverage: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal L.A. Beatdown

Sony Santa Monica Studios and SuperBot Entertainment together with iam8bit celebrated the upcoming title PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal with a community event in Los Angeles. Dubbing it “LA beatdown” the event had a gallery showcasing “personal” items from some of the fighters. Items such as Sweet-Tooth’s Mask and Dynamite, Sackboy’s Cardboard rocket, and Heihachi’s hair gel (yes, hair gel).

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@ Little_Suzy. Yeah you are telling Sony what they should do and how they should do it. So because you told Sony to get characters that don't belong to them into a game then that automatically put them in the game right? No company will be at odds with what YOU want and all of them understand your fanboyish need to have them so will hand them over to Sony out of the goodness of their heart right? That is how gamers act these days. You want so they MUST have it. Screw protocol and business and deadlines and negotiations and budgets. If it takes 500 million dollars get every character on our lists.Once you tell them something they must magically do it or hold who ever doesn't want to cooperate at gun point until they do. Do what we want no matter how problematic or unreasonable it is as long as WE get what we want. Go bankrupt if you have to just make sure characters that belong to other developers are in the game. Burn down Activision and SE if necessary but get those characters

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