Preview: ZombiU brings back true survival horror [Destructoid]

"2012 is the year of the zombie. It’s been a strange, but wonderful year for the zombie sub-genre. With games like DayZ, The War Z, and The Walking Dead, the demand for the walking, shambling undead seems to be at an all-time high. And with Nintendo’s new console just on the horizon, what better way to debut a new kind of horror game featuring zombies?

The developers at Ubisoft Montpellier have been hard at work on a brand new title that’ll prove to be a fresh take on the zombie sub-genre. My hands-on time with ZombiU showed that Ubisoft knows what it takes to show the big names what true survival horror is all about by returning to the roots, and bringing back what made these games so engaging.", writes Destructoid.

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Bluenuts92007d ago

I so can't wait for this game!! The 18th can't come soon enough!!

SilentNegotiator2007d ago

Pop out scares, realtime inventory, and multiplayer.

"True survival horror"? Pffft. Hipster needs to play some real survival horror. Somebody get this guy a Ps1.

jsslifelike2007d ago

Scares a la classic Resident Evil and gameplay akin to Demon's/Dark Souls? Sign me up!

Ryo-Hazuki2007d ago

looking forward to this game

Neonridr2007d ago

I just hope the single player campaign last long enough. Just over 3 weeks away!! Cannot wait!