PlayStation Plus the big "weapon" for Sony's next-gen hopes

Digitally Downloaded writes "Anyone with a PlayStation 3 should know the value that PlayStation Plus brings to the console’s online offering. And it looks like Sony is so pleased with its adoption that, in addition to rolling it out to the Vita, we’re going to see even more of it in the future."

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stage882094d ago

Regardless of PS+, I'll still staying with Sony next gen. For me, they offer the best value for money and the best exclusive games. There is no incentive for me to jump ship.

Ryo-Hazuki2094d ago

Agree. PS4 is going to be an amazing console along with free online and most likely will offer free party chat too (Vita offers it for free). Not to mention the variety of exclusives to look forward to.

CraigandDayDay2094d ago

Yep with continued free online gaming with free cross game chat and a universal party system, the PS4 will shine. Plus is a HUGE value. For $50 you get $500+ worth of content within a year's time.

I also expect a lot of cross buy and cross play capabilities with the PS4 and Vita.

Cam9772094d ago

Same here, I live Smoby.

paddystan2094d ago

Agree. Sony shows that they care much more about gaming, especially hardcore gamers than Microsoft do. They are creating exclusive games all the time.

Sometimes, I even feel I steal from Sony when I buy PS Plus. I have never felt something like that about a superscription before.

BiggCMan2094d ago

Plus really works, i'm quite surprised that even myself likes what it has to offer, and I absolutely HATE buying any type of subscription. Gamefly is the only sub based service I currently own. And while I have only ever gotten Plus for free at this point, I don't think i'd mind paying for it a few times. It's not entirely for me though because I don't constantly buy stuff in the store, which is why I've never bought a subscription yet. But for those that buy hundreds of dollars worth, Plus is amazing and starts saving money immediately.

MikeMyers2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

That's the trick with the service, you feel like you're getting great value by all of these offerings. Trouble is a lot of it is stuff you probably no longer care about or would not buy now. A great example is Crysis 2. That game is over a year old. That may not seem like a long time ago but for a game who's major portion is online play time means a lot. The flipside is it generates new interest and can make the online community come alive again but chances are that will be short lived.

I have Plus and think for me it offers good value but to be honest a lot of the games I don't play that often because I'm playing newer titles. I do appreciate the discount on new games though and enjoy the beta's.

I don't see Plus as a big weapon, rather a great addition and a nice alternative.

GribbleGrunger2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

It's this service and Gaikai that convinces me that Sony will have a lot of dedicated ram in the PS4 for the OS and Browser. They also need to expand the service to other content such as Movies and Music.

As I said in another thread, they should have an Instant Music collection for Singstar (12 Sings). I don't think it would be viable to have an Instant Movie collection, but they could certainly add a couple of movies in a month to the service as it stands at present. This would get people familiarised with that section of the store. I think it would be wiser to lower the prices rather than give movies away in this instance.

From a recent interview with Sony, it's clear that one of the incentives for the inclusion of PS+ was to get more people aware of the online market place, and I'm sure my suggestions above would broaden the demographic, which is clearly why they've added the Singstar icon to the XMB.

blackmamba7072094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

guys there is a promotion with 1-month of Playstation Plus for free, EU residents only (or if you have EU account it will work too), enter anything, code will pop up instantly

enjoy :]

PS. As for PS+ offer I'm really surprised of how they stepped up this offer, I remember it offering 1 game, some minis and PSone classics, now it's 10 games from the start, including 3 evergreens like LBP2 or Infamous 2, 1 game of the month (usually some banger), 2 well acclaimed games swapped every month, no craps I mean big ones like Dead Space 2, DXHR, Darksiders, RDR, this offer makes sense, and after that trial I just got I think I'll continue subscribing

SAE2094d ago

Thank you so much ..
But it wants me to put a credit card info , i dont have one :(
Is there a way to fool it ?..

blackmamba7072094d ago

you need valid cc info for PS+ stuff unfortunately

Nutsack2094d ago (Edited 2094d ago )

Strangely that free code gives 90 days of PS+, not 30 as it claims

And the Credit Card info, these days you can buy 'prepaid' credit cards, at least overhere. They'll cost you 10 Euro at start, you don't have to put any money on it, enter it and there you go.

Too bad these codes don't work on USA PSN, otherwise I'd taken them aside my EU PS+ that I have now. You also can't add them on top of your current EU PS+ if you already are a subscriber.

But good tip nontheless!


@ the one below: what isn't working?

I got it working on a 2nd EU account I own, too bad I already got PS+ so it doesn't add a lot for me but well haha

Do you live in EU? Do you have PS+ already (as stacking it up doesn't work as I just explained)

stage882094d ago

Doesn't work code won't show even if it's sent to your email.

I've tried on Safari, chrome and firefox.

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