CVG's Bully: Scholarship Edition preview + screens

2006's Bully (or Canis Canem Edit if you got the renamed UK version) is arguably Rockstar's most underrated game to date.

Despite the needless controversy surrounding its content (or what the mainstream press thought was in it, anyway), the house of GTA's schoolyard romp proved to be more Grange Hill than The Sopranos, and definitely one of Rockstar's most enjoyable and charming games of the last few years.

It's good news for everyone then, that it's decided to bring the slightly overlooked classic (the PS2 version did come out just as the next-gen consoles were in swing) to more recent hardware - and with its original name, too.

(All images can be viewed on the Story Images tab. The first 10 screens are from the X360 version, the other six are from the Wii version.)

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