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PixlBit | "Zombi U is being regarded as one of the biggest launch titles for the Wii U. If there was any indicator of that, the long lines at the Wii U booth were just that. At NYCC this year, Zombi U boasted lines that required a pretty long wait. As the only launch title I have pre-ordered for the Wii U, I made it a point to get my hands on with this return to survival horror."

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Bluenuts91975d ago

The more I read about this game, the more I want it. It sounds so challenging and ups the tension which IMO has been missing for awhile. I can't wait for the 18th!

FriedGoat1975d ago

I'd be surprised if this game is actually good. I'll just stick to DayZ

Nicaragua1975d ago

Seriously man just shut the fuck up.

3-4-51975d ago

Not everybody has that option though. although I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing.

This game looks fun though. I wasn't into it at first but it just seems the challenge of surviving and the random situations could actually be a fun experience.

eferreira1975d ago

honestly this game doesn't do anything new and exciting. The graphics look pretty meh and by what I've seen, the game plays pretty slow. Hope I'm wrong tho.

Neonridr1975d ago

that's the whole point. If you want a run and gun game, go get CoD or something. The whole idea of the game is it's supposed to be slow and tense.

And as for the graphics, the game is very dark and murky so obviously it doesn't look like the game is going to pop, but check out the lighting and shadows. I think this game is going to be great.

Ryo-Hazuki1975d ago

@ eferreira

Do you not understand what a true survival horror game is?

3-4-51975d ago

I don't think he understands what this game is all about.

Wolfbiker1975d ago

This perception is going to be the hardest thing for the game to over come.

It has more in common with Demons Souls than Left4Dead. Which makes me more excited for this game.