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Submitted by donniebaseball 1202d ago | interview

PlayStation Plus has become a "nice weapon in our arsenal" says Sony

(GamesIndustry International) PS Plus is "contributing in a big way" to PSN sales, Sony informs us.

Sony's online efforts have come a long way in the last six years, and while some would argue that Xbox Live is still superior, one unique differentiator for PlayStation Network is its PlayStation Plus offering. In fact, one industry veteran close to Sony told us recently that Sony has "drastically undersold" the value of PlayStation Plus. Sony appears eager to change that, if you ask John Koller, VP of PlayStation Home and Handheld Consoles. (Industry, PS3, Sony)

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Fullmetalevolust  +   1202d ago
I love the service for the PS3, now bring it full force to the Vita with some free games and some discounted titles. It'd breathe some life back into the handheld (I note the irony of what I just typed) just in time for holiday sales. Side note: I am loving Frobisher says!
donniebaseball  +   1202d ago
I think they will be bringing it to Vita, but Vita is in a bad, bad spot. Plus won't save it!
Godchild1020  +   1202d ago
What Bad Spot? It will have it's best week in Video game releases next week. PlayStation Plus will make current Vita Owners happier and push most of them to talk more about the Vita and push Plus further to those that only have a Vita.

It will mostly have free PSP games and Minis at first, but I'm sure better games and discounts will come. I'm also sure Sony will bundle plus with every Vita at some point.
lashes2ashes  +   1202d ago
It was already announced for vita. It will be out next mounth I be leave.
JoGam  +   1202d ago
Plus is already on Vita In the form of Plus Discounts.
darthv72  +   1201d ago
To increase its value
and differentiate the service from non members i think sony should create more exclusive members only content that IS NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL to non members.

As of now, non members can obtain the same stuff members get (with a few exceptions) but I think sony is missing a real opportunity to bolster its membership by way of new content for games you just cant get any other way.
CraigandDayDay  +   1202d ago
It's truly a great service. It's exposed many people to so many games that they might not have played otherwise. It'll be interesting to watch Plus evolve as we enter the PS4 lifecycle soon. Plus is an absolute bargain, really. You get hundreds of dollars (if not almost a thousand) worth of content within a year's time for a mere $50. And online play remains completely FREE. You just can't beat that.

I hope the PS4 keeps online gameplay (including cross game chat and a party system) free and keeps Plus as the extra service you can get if you want to pay.

Yep. That's true. You get Plus for Vita for free. Things like that and the new Cross Buy features where you buy the PS3 version and get the Vita version free (PS All Stars Battle Royale, etc.) are going to incentivize PS3 owners to go out and buy a Vita and vice versa.
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doogiebear  +   1201d ago
I now own exactly 125 games just for my PS3. Many of which are for ps plus. At any given month, PS Plus gives away high quality games that surpass the cost of my entire yearly membership (example, $120 worth of games in just 1 month, even though I only paid $50 for a year (so that means 11 more months of games). So whenever i am having hard times financially, and cant get a new game, I can count on ps+ to give me some great games every month.

So since i'm getting over $1000+ worth of games for only $50, I think it's fair to say that the games ARE free. It's like using public recreation centers: As long as you pay for your low cost membership, they give u access to all the tennis courts, pools, gyms, etc anywhere in your city. So it's virtually free, by the prices standard.
darthv72  +   1201d ago
Would "own" be the right word to use to describe your situation? Not discrediting you or anything but while you may have legitimate games that are bought and paid for.

When it relates to games sony offer to + members, you don't "own" any of them UNLESS you buy them at the reduced price. Which isnt a half bad option considering they are usually half the price non + members pay.

Just, please, don't disrespect the service by thinking the 'free' games are yours. You are effectively paying to play them at no additional cost. They are yours for the extent of your membership.

On topic, where i see sony missing an opportunity is when it comes to exclusive + membership content. Right now I am not seeing any (or as much). Meaning that anyone who isnt a + member can obtain the same content (except the early beta access) but it would cost them the individual price.

So the 'free' games they can pay for and those will really be theirs but a + member cancels their membership and those games would no longer be valid. Sony (I am certain) has toyed with the idea of exclusive members only content. Especially if it related to DLC for their high profile games.

+ members only tracks for GT or maps for KZ or UC games. + members only home spaces. That kind of stuff that really ISNT available to the everyday member. As i see it, + started out as a discount service like someone joining CostCo to get cheaper prices on everyday items others pay retail for.

It has kept that but added in a rental service (for the lack of a better example) where you get full games as part of the membership. Yet these are still games and content that is available to the non member at a price.

Sony should really consider the exclusive "members only" approach with stuff that non members can not get no matter what. It would effectively create the need for someone to become a member if it is something of interest to them.
Blastoise  +   1202d ago
I hear if you have PS+ for PS3 you get it free for Vita. I just bought a years worth of plus on PS3 so im considering picking up a Vita to get even more value out of it.

PS+ is awesome.
Steven21  +   1202d ago
That's what made me get a vita :D
BitbyDeath  +   1202d ago
Will be intersting to see what the Vita instant game collection holds.

If it has both Uncharted and Gravity Rush then i may also find it too tempting to pass up on a new Vita.
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StockpileTom  +   1202d ago
That's probably exactly why they made the service carry over to the Vita. They added that extra nudge to PS+ users so that they buy one.

That being said I am not complaining as I already have a PSV and PS+.
ThanatosDMC  +   1202d ago
I hope for the Vita instant collection that they're not games i all ready have... which is highly unlikely.
violents  +   1201d ago
PS+ is a service sold to a specific account, as long as the account you log in under on your vita is the same as the one you use on your playstatin you will still have +.
GribbleGrunger  +   1202d ago
Clearly, at some point they're going to have to diversify their content because they're going to eventually run out of games. So I'd say they'll have a classic selection of much older games and start including Movies, TV shows and maybe even Singstar tracks.

An instant Singstar collection of about 12 tracks would be a good move considering they've just added it to the XMB
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BitbyDeath  +   1202d ago
That'd be awesome, I currently have 137 SingStar songs (excluding discs), can never have enough.
Silly gameAr  +   1202d ago
That's a good idea. You should submit that to PSblog Share.
GribbleGrunger  +   1202d ago
You do it if you like. I wouldn't know where to start.
Soldierone  +   1202d ago
If they added movies, or included their music service in it, I'd re-subscribe in a heart beat. Right now I'm just waiting for it to hit Vita well enough to warrant me getting it. I don't buy digital for PS3.
GraveLord  +   1202d ago
Depending on what Playstation Plus offers for Vita, I might actually end up buying one.

I already subscribe to it for the PS3 content. I'd say the content there is nice.(although it looks they are mostly offering games that didn't sell well, with a few exceptions)
Blastoise  +   1202d ago
Some games on it didnt sell well, like Bulletstorm (great game by the way which I never would have played if it wasnt for PS+...). But it has some big hitters on there too like Resident evil 5 gold. Also games like Machinarium were put straight onto PS+ the same day it was released on the store!
BitbyDeath  +   1202d ago
I thought the pattern was more games that had additional DLC/sequal coming out in near future rather than game that did not sell well.

Although there had been the odd few (Starhawk/Bulletstorm)

But also the odd few brand new games too.

Also the day 1 discounts which come with most games are pretty sweeet.
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yesmynameissumo  +   1202d ago
2 issues with PS+:

1) I had to upgrade my HDD to 1TB to accommodation all my PSN games and PS+ games. First world problem, I know.

2) I have to neglect my wife and children to catch up with all the games I have b/c of PS+, be it.

Very solid, value add service.
CraigandDayDay  +   1202d ago
Sounds like some really good "issues" to have. LoL
grayfoxx881  +   1202d ago
Hey, I know the feeling. I upgraded my HDD to 500 gig, and now I'm starting to realize that it's not enough. I have 44 games on my PS3 because of Plus, not to mention all the sales and discounts. Best thing ever, worth every penny.
Xer0_SiN  +   1202d ago
*looks at comment about neglecting wife and kids to play ps+*

challenge accepted...
KwietStorm  +   1202d ago
I've been subscribed since the service went live, and I have about 200 gigs free on my 640GB, with other files too. What kind of stuff do you have on yours?
yesmynameissumo  +   1201d ago
Games and apps that's it. I have around 40+ PS+ titles (been a subscriber since day 1) and 30+ PSN games. Have a little over 600GB free.
violents  +   1201d ago
Wow, I'll trade your problems for mine.

And honestly you dont have to leave those games on there all the time, if you need space for a new one delete one you dont play alot and if you want to play the old one again sometime all you have to do is redownload it from your download list.
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Ryo-Hazuki  +   1202d ago
PS Plus is easily a great service.
ceballos77mx  +   1202d ago
Don't forget the auto update saves you some time.
Gamesgbkiller  +   1202d ago
I just want to see how they are going to make it work on VITA
I hope there is some free new games like gravity rush or uncharted .
freezola75  +   1202d ago
I wonder if they will have online storage for the Vita version of +

Gonna be great tho, "I tell ya what.."
Fyflin  +   1202d ago
I think PS+ is a great service and I can see myself subscribing for a long time to come, but I have to admit, getting 'free' games each month has led to me buying much less retail games. I haven't picked up any at all this year (Uncharted 3 was the last one) although I do have a Vita and have bought several retail Vita titles.

Not complaining though, I'll happily pay Sony £40 per year if I get 20+ quality games as well as plenty of other ones that I may have never tried.
violents  +   1201d ago
I think thats the point, they are trying to get people to buy digital instead of physical. Getting people acclimated to Digital sales is key for next gen.
medziarz  +   1202d ago
yep, Sony has a WEALTH of great games that were overlooked on the PS3 that are perfect for the Instant Game Collection and monthly free-bees:

awesome first-party games that failed commercially: Ratchet & Clank Future games, Socom 4 and MAG, Twisted metal, StarHawk, later Resistance and Motorstorm games, Heavenly Sword, White Knight;

overlooked 3rd-party games: Racing games, JRPGs, Enslaved and the game by the makers of Folklore, that too and many other

$10 PSN-only games

HD remake collections

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vega275  +   1201d ago
I had no idea the psn+ owners was paying for trial versions of a full game. on live thats free even to silver members.
Ryo-Hazuki  +   1201d ago
We're not talking about demos. You download the the full game of a "retail" game and you can try it out for an hour. That's not on xbox. That's like downloading whatever game on "games on demand" and having an hour to play it.
vega275  +   1201d ago
Dude that's a demo your paying for. Even if its for an hour, your paying for it. When demos are suppose to be free to get you to buy the game. Their are games on live that you fan try out for free before you decide to buy the full game which is something the psn doesn't do at all.

So you guys are basicly paying for longer demos and renting games.
OK got it
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_DragonSlayer_  +   1201d ago
@ Vega, just like you renting on-line multi-player and netflix amongst tons of other features for XBOX live. They are free on PSN.
Rhythmattic  +   1201d ago

Go pay to play online , and unlock the half of the game you've already paid for.

And after reading your posting history, you do...

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Rhythmattic  +   1200d ago
Just to share a PM I got from Vega

"asshat I own all systems. I just don't feel psn+ is worth money money for a rental service of games I've wasn't or had no interest if buying and now knowing you guys are paying for demos of games which are suppose to be free is the funniest thing I ever heard.

Yes I pay for live since its a better service to me and my friends so I don't mind laying to get good service. If Sony had one I probably would pay for it to. So you before you go around circle jerking off your fellow fanboys. My comments are from my experience with the systems not by bias for a company. asshat"

My Response,


I dont really give a toss.

But I will definitely share the PM."

And I now have.
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mayberry  +   1201d ago
The 1 hour game trials are better than demos for a number of reasons. ps+ members get all trophies they can get in that hour, and it is not a dumbed down, quick play demo verson. Its the ACTUALL game to experience. Demo versions are decidedly different than the full games!
darx  +   1201d ago
Of course, they are making additional cash flow where they weren't before.
jetpacksheep  +   1201d ago
That title makes me hear a rather imposing "reload" sound from Sony
Nutsack  +   1201d ago
I had the first year of PS+, then after it ended with the extra free months added by Sony, it became a bit lackluster of what is what offering IMO.

Then, this E3 the instant game collection was announced and I subscribed again in October with the 25% discount on its price in EU. It activated all the old PS+ content from the first year too.

And now in November it gets PSVita instant game collection support. Can't wait!

I'm hoping on a few of this list: Escape Planet, Gravity Rush, Zero Escape, Wipeout 2048, Rayman Origins and (probably this one certainly won't happen) LittleBigPlanet.
Nerdmaster  +   1201d ago
PS+ is a nice service for people that just bought a PS3. With the price of one game, you can play many.

But, as time goes by and you start to buy the games you really like, PS+ starts to lose its appeal. PS+ offers you a dozen games, but when you already have other better games waiting to be played, there's just no reason to spend your time playing PS+ games. There are some good games, but they're often a little old. If you really wanted to play them, you'd have bought them at launch.
Picnic  +   1201d ago
I accept that many people might currently disregard Bluray for their needs when they can download HD films or stick to DVDs, they might prefer Microsoft's exclusives over Sony's, no matter how numerous they be, and they may prefer the Kinect (which has rightly captured people's imaginations) over the merely Wii-like Move.

But no matter what side of the fence you sit on with the above, being able to play games online free of charge, as the price of the PS3 is at a reasonable price point for even the very casual gamer, always makes me feel that I am getting value for money. I do suggest getting a PS3 slim with the biggest memory though as, if you subscribe to PS Plus and download a few full games free of charge, you will easily fill up your HD and have to delete trailers / games etc that you no longer play so much.

The Move almost put me off getting one (they're too serious about it for a Wii-mote) but the Sony line up's not quite the near disaster that it used to be. Well, there's Bioshock Infinite (multi-format) and Puppeteer (exclusive) to look forward to anyway. And Motorstorm Apocalypse in 3D is nice.
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Sugreev2001  +   1201d ago
I've played countless free games,demos and betas since I signed up for PSN+ when it began.Really a wonderful service !
sway_z  +   1201d ago
It's simply a good business model & an excellent value driven service....Simple economics really, the end users are happy!

...are you paying attention Microsoft?
YodaCracker  +   1201d ago
Are you implying that Xbox LIVE's tens of millions of paid subscribers are not happy? You would be quite mistaken to believe that.
Hicken  +   1201d ago
It's the whole package: good business model, excellent value driven service, happy end users.

Or are you implying that Xbox LIVE's tens of millions of paid subscribers wouldn't rather NOT pay?

You'd be mistaken to believe that.
sdplisken  +   1201d ago
if it wernt for plus i would have never played just cause 2 or borderlands and now they are some of my fav franchises
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GrahamGolden  +   1201d ago
psn+ ---->xbl

got more stuffs in 3 months than a full year gold member
keep it up with the best deals sony.
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silver350z94  +   1201d ago
For the value I love playstation plus is awesome! online experience gets the job done!

Xboxlive is just a little quality biased but not my cup of tea. Ill rather get free games
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