Assassin's Creed Retrospective: Everything You Need To Know Before Assassin's Creed III

GR: "You'll be forgiven if you've already forgotten the three tenets of the Assassin's Creed. There have been four games released in the span of five years, each building on the network of assassins and the lore leading up to 2012, the end of all things, the apocalypse, or so we think.

"Before Assassin's Creed III lands on Tuesday, let's take a look back at where Desmond Miles, our modern-day, over-arching protagonist began and where Ubisoft has taken him throughout the centuries. Beware: there will be spoilers below."

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raekwaan2158d ago

OMG!!! It's been so long since the Assassin's Creed story started. I mean I love the series but Brotherhood and Revelations were just cash cows that offered nothing, NOTHING in relation to continuing the story.

andibandit2158d ago

So true, havent even finished the latter of them gets repetitive real fast, i hope AC3 brings more variation to the missions.

SaffronCurse2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

I've sunk in around 2 hours so far in the game and it's really an amazing game, Simply breathtaking i hope it continues on during my playthrough.

SaffronCurse2158d ago

Got it on ps3 (legit =P) Work at a videostore.