Wii U may not be a viable option for the next generation

Is Nintendo a viable option for the Next generation? We are now entering the seventh year of this generation, and Nintendo’s idea of motion control was a hit, but with Sony and Microsoft getting into the game of motion control, and having a stronger library of games, The Wii’s novelty ran its course. All good things come things must come to and end, right? Now we have the Wii U, a system that comes with it’s own tablet. It has the makings to be a success, so can Nintendo catch lighting in a bottle for a second time?

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Jadedz2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Meaning; it'll be a very capable system. Who's to say that consumers won't purchase 2 next-gen consoles (for exclusives), or 3, rather?

There's a world outside this heavily orientated "core" gamer scoped one.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

"There's a world outside this heavily orientated "core" gamer scoped one."

Is this not what is wrong with gaming now? Do like games becoming more simple? or the fact that there are 0 hardcore tactical shooters made by console devs? or the fact that horror & stealth is almost dead?

You may see it as nintendo's strength but as a long timer gamer I think it sucks.

I am getting a pc & will hope to see go things from sony.

2 out of 3 console companies have abandoned the core gamers this gen. Just my observation.

Nintendo has a lot to prove imo. I am not hyped because they are called nintendo. They always bring interesting hardware but software? not so much.

Also there specs wont satisfy the devs complaining for a massive leap in tech. WiiU will need more for this.

also I think wiiU has a dx10 card.

darthv722118d ago

Meaning that these companies cant continue to cater to only one demographic. The idea for more accessible games has been on the rise since the 2600.

Difference between then and now is companies have found that magic formula to sell to the mass market instead of the smaller dedicated one.

Is that bad for gaming...not in the least. Is that bad for the (self proclaimed) 'core' game...of course. You feel neglected after dedicating so much of yourself to get into this hobby in the first place.

This is no longer an exclusive club. People of all ages have the ability to get in on the action that was once reserved and referred to as childs play. That is what matters most to these companies. Selling their product to the mass market.

This does NOT mean there wont be any appealing games for those that have been here from the beginning. Nintendo has nothing to prove. They effectively proven themselves many times over by simply staying in this business.

They succeeded where companies like NEC, Atari, coleco, Mattel and even Sega have failed. Sony and MS are newcomers and if they back their product as much as nintendo, they too will be around for longer than those examples.

G33K2118d ago

Just enjoy that last bubble.

blitz06232118d ago

I think what this article is trying to say is that the Wii U isn't a viable option IF it's the ONLY console you plan on investing on for next gen.

ShinMaster2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

It's simple really:

You're not going to experience "next-gen" with ONLY a Wii U. The same way you couldn't experience current-gen with the original Wii. It's a pattern.
You'll need a PlayStation or Xbox system for that.... or a good PC.

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GraveLord2118d ago

I am pretty certain that PS4 and Xbox 720 will have at the minimum, 4 gigs of RAM.(double the Wii U). I won't even get into the CPU/GPU and all that stuff.

beerkeg2118d ago

'I won't even get into the CPU/GPU and all that stuff.'

Yes, let's not talk about other stuff you know nothing about.

BlackWolf2118d ago

Oh, a clairvoyant!!!! please, tell me more about the future... what's gonna happen tomorrow?

Jadedz2118d ago

Though to say that the Wii U will be "completely irrelevant," once those two other systems launch, is a ridiculous statement.

Consumers (people in general, not just "core gamers") bought the Wii, and judging by the comment section of Nintendo related articles - "the Wii is a worthless piece of tech." While not everyone views the Wii in that light, the majority of members on N4G do.

Nintendo's selling the Wii U at a loss! You can only imagine what'll be like for both Microsoft and Sony next-gen.

Qrphe2118d ago

"The Wii U is a very efficient console"

I just don't know how you're able to make this assessment. What do you even mean?

Jadedz2117d ago

From what I read - it's pretty balanced. There's a rundown of it over at the Neogaf forum.

Qrphe2117d ago

That doesn't really answer the question. I think you could've used a better term to describe what you tried to describe.

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chadboban2119d ago

I'm getting one. Not right now, early next year for sure. It's a viable option for me, and to me, that's all that matters.

Just because I choose to buy a console, it doesn't mean that other consoles immediately become locked off to me. There's more to gaming than brand loyalty.

caseh2118d ago


I have a PS3 but bought an Xbox 360 first, found it wasn't for me hence the PS3 purchase.

Also bought a Wii but gave it to my girlfriend, realised PS3 has pretty much everything I want to play so I get Uncharted and Gran Turismo and the missus gets Zumba and Dance Central heheh.

BenRage32118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I feel the same way. I have such a huge back log of games to play right now, I'm not ready for a new system. But I do plan on getting a Wii U next year. I've never cared what the skeptics said about Nintendo. I have been hearing all the trash talking since the N64 era and it didn't matter then and it doesn't matter now. I mean this is the same thing I heard when the Wii came out and still people never learn.

Venox20082118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I dont care what others will say, I love Nintendo games and exclusives on their systems, so I'll buy Wii U.. don't know if I'l buy nextbox, because I've really regretted that I bought Xbox360 (except maybe for 5 games).. Plus I've lots of good Wii games, so it's a Wiin for me :) I hope that PS4 will be good, but no way that I will buy only one console on next gen :) and yes, I think Wii U will do alright, maybe even better than other too, because development cost will be smaller than PS4/Xbox720, so maybe more devs will take a risk to make good exclusives for less money.. thats my opinion

JsonHenry2118d ago

I will probably be getting one of each of the next gen consoles. Although I am typically a PC gamer I do appreciate new tech and some of the exclusive games each company sells over the life of the consoles.

Ryo-Hazuki2118d ago

It will be a viable option. For myself, I will be going with the PS4 + Wii U combo

Nerdmaster2118d ago

I'll probably do that too, as I went with the Wii + PS3 combo this generation. If I had to choose only one next gen console, I would choose the Wii U.

Ryo-Hazuki2118d ago

I skipped the Wii because I'm not a fan of motion gaming even though I missed out on some great games. But since the main focus is back to conventional gaming for the most part I will gladly pick up a Wii U (got it on preorder). Zombie U looks good and Bayonetta 2 is exclusive plus Monster Hunters next yr. The system has nice potential and there's no forced subscription in order to use the full capabilities of the system. It's all about the games and value for me. PS4 + Wii U will be a great next-gen combo

metroid322118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

I think i might get a ps4 as well i hate microsoft but Nintendo are my No1 since back in the day they have so many ip's they could remake its a joke.

Conzul2118d ago

Same. I'll might even get a NextboX if it has B/C. Definitely not at launch, though.

Never buy a M$ console at launch.