Amazon adds additional pre-order bonus for ‘Black Ops 2’

Amazon today revealed that they have added an additional pre-order bonus for the upcoming multiplatform first-person shooting video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.”

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PLAYER50952158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Wow! How has amazon gone to ish lately on preorders... liked when they offered credit towards video games not movies. other retailers have been killin them in terms of better preorder items

guitarded772158d ago

Yeah, I miss those $10 - $20 pre-order bonus credits. I bought a lot more games when that was going on.

Cam9772158d ago

They seem desperate - a lot of that is useless junk.

princeofthabay2158d ago

Forget amazon, I used to love amazon but, since they added taxes I might as well just go to gamestop. Paying taxes and a delivery charge is expensive.

Norrison2158d ago

I've never payed taxes nor delivery in amazon, what are you talking about? Maybe it's for some areas?

mt2158d ago

I used to live in Oklahoma never payed taxes, I moved to new york and now taxes for games I order using amazon.

perdie2158d ago

certain states passed laws requiring amazon to collect sales tax.

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