UGO Gamesblog: N+ likely for February 20 on Xbox Live Arcade

UGO Gamesblog's Russell Frushtick writes:

"As big, big fans of the freeware charmer, N, we've been waiting with bated breath on the release of N+ for XBLA. The game finished certification a couple weeks back, so now it's only a matter of Microsoft slotting it into the XBLA release queue.

"The game developer's blog, at MetaNet Software's site, has been a good source for the comings and goings of the title, and the developers have been very willing to speak to fans on the game's intricacies. In a comment dated on February 1st, by Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns (aka M&R in the blog), the pair had this to say on the release date..."

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