PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Steelbook Leaked

DualShock Nexus: Amazon.UK appear to have a special "Steelbook Edition" of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

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sinncross2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

hmm I am not a big fan of the artwork, but I ultimately prefer it over the standard cover (which I honestly hope changes).

I do wonder if there are faces on the back for the remaining 9 fighters.

Treezy5042067d ago

I would like to own it for collection purposes. I would like some sort of collector's edition of this game, I saw another UK retailer offering different sleeves showcasing your favorite all star.

DigitalRaptor2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Yep treezy, that's

Here's the link

The best one:

Treezy5042067d ago

@DigitalRaptor Yep that's it! I was hoping for a PaRappa one :(

Blastoise2067d ago (Edited 2067d ago )

Yeah it could definitely be cooler. But I guess it has a certain simplistic charm to it atleast.

Anyway, its only a cover. I dont think the standard covers are particularly great either but I still think the game is pretty awesome.

Edit: If this a pre-order bonus at no extra cost. I'm definitely pre-ordering. For a better cover and like 20 costumes just for pre-ordering seems like a good deal to me

WillGuitarGuy2067d ago

Huh...the art style isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but maybe this'll be great for people looking for signatures.

2067d ago
GraveLord2067d ago

I don't like it -_-
Anyway it's always nice to have options.

AusRogo2067d ago

Not liking the cover art.. but the game I can't wait for!

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