Halo Retrospective: Part 1: Combat Evolved

From the feature article:

"Warthogs. Cortana. Needlers. The Pillar of Autumn. If you use these words out of context, they'll amount to nothing more than gibberish. But to Halo fans, it's a lifestyle. While Goldeneye 64 legitimized FPS games on consoles, Halo: Combat Evolved for the original Xbox solidified it. Despite the fact that Xbox Live wouldn't launch until exactly a year after Halo's release date, LAN play gave Halo the leg up it needed over Goldeneye: the ability to support more than four players, and thus, provided the opening for professional play on a much larger scale."

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Rhythmattic2007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Halo CE on a computer was the only way for me.

Edited: too many beers

2007d ago
etowntwo2007d ago

Just finished the game again with a buddy that never played it.

The new hd Halo anniversary was a nice upgrade in graphics.

Allsystemgamer2007d ago

It is a great little package isn't it? I live switching back and forth between graphics in the campaign to see how far the series has come. Oddly enough Halo combat evolved has held up very well over the years and still has much more substance to it than many modern shooters. It was a very well designed game and indeed does deserve the praise it gets, even if you don't like halo, you should still appreciate what it did for the genre just like goldeneye and cod 4