PlayStation All-Stars - Nariko, Raiden, and Sir Daniel Guides

From "SuperBot Entertainment's Omar Kendall is back with another guide to PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale! Today treated the guys over at GameTrailers with a quick walkthrough of some recently-revealed characters. Down below you'll find some gameplay videos of Raiden tearing up the field, Nariko's Godly Arsenal, and Sir Daniel's heavy play style."

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-Mika-2155d ago

Ugh does anybody got youtube links for these videos. I don't ever want to support GT after they permanently banned me from their forums.

doogiebear2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Lol maybe thats why u only got 1 bubble here too? Oh nevermind, it's not like u can respond back (Lololol)

Canary2155d ago

The only people who can avoid getting de-bubbled are those who either make a habit of being completely inoffensive with every comment (yay milquetoast!) or those go bet by saying NOTHING for every comment.

I mean, hell, there are people here with five bubbles waltzing around using ad-hominem arguments left and right. Does that sound like an ideal situation to you?

r212155d ago

I want youtube links too...Their player is pretty wonky and never works well.

doogiebear2155d ago

@ Canary: Get off of your high horse and face the facts...Mika's stats says she/he/it has 27 people who are ignoring her! Lol that's one annoying mutha f*cka if I ever saw one! So stuff it, captain-save-a-h*e.

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Silly gameAr2155d ago

The beta actually has me pretty hype for the full release. That Bioshock stage looks pretty awesome with Dollface's Iron Maiden flying around in the background.

Godchild10202155d ago

After seeing Sir Danial's and Spike's lvl 3 supers. I can't wait for the full retail release.

jwk942155d ago

I played with Spike when Sony came ot my campus, he's by far my favorite character right now.

remanutd552155d ago

there are Resistance2 and Bioshock stages but from what game is the first one? anyways Sir Daniel and Nariko are awesome!!!

Baba19062155d ago

love the beta =D cant wait for all this characters. love nariko. =D

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